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ASMOKE have made a pretty good success of their AS300 tabletop pellet grill, it came in at a much cheaper price than the competition. Their latest model is this, the AS350DC, which now comes with its own battery, but is as good a value as the AS300? Right, let’s review its Pros & Cons.

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Tabletop pellet grills/smokers, more than other types of pellet BBQs are prime candidates for battery power. It obviously makes sense, how can you make an ultra-portable pellet grill more practical? Give it a battery.

The ASMOKE AS350DC comes with its own battery.
The ASMOKE AS350DC tabletop pellet grill comes with its own battery for 8 to 10 hours of use

While I do consider being able to run a tabletop pellet grill off a battery as a Pro to give additional utility to a portable pellet grill, it does have its own downsides in terms of battery life/battery replacement costs etc.

The ASMOKE AS350DC is by no means the first tabletop pellet grill model to come with a battery, there is the example of the Pit Boss Battery Tabletop pellet grill/smoker.

The battery run time of the ASMOKE AS350DC is not the best on the market.
The Pit Boss battery-powered tabletop model can potentially run for 4 more hours than the AS350DC

Now, while Pit Boss does indeed claim up to a 14-hour run time, at this point, as these models are so new onto the market, we don’t really know what the real-world run time of these battery-powered tabletop models is.

So, a PID controller, for those who don’t know, is a temperature controller that uses a mathematical algorithm to make constant adjustments to maintain an accurate, stable temperature.

The ASMOKE AS350DC is fitted with a PID temperature controller.
ASMOKE states that the AS350DC is fitted with a PID controller

Now, I’m personally suspicious of the ‘PID’ claim about the controller, as in use the controller does not seem to take advantage of the benefits of PID technology for precise temperature control.

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The benefit of PID technology is that, in principle, it can be used to maintain a very accurate temperature, which is why most PID controllers allow for 5 to 10-degree temperature adjustment.

The level of temperature adjustment on the ASMOKE AS350DC can not match that of many other PID pellet grills/smokers.
Its very odd to see a ‘PID’ controller with 25 to 50 degree temperature adjustment

However, the controller on the ASMOKE AS350DC does not allow for this type of temperature accuracy, it only allows for 25 to 50 degree adjustment, just like a previous generation controller!?

The ASMOKE AS350DC has what they brand as ASCA technology, sounds fancy doesn’t it. What does it stand for? Automatic Steam Culinary Applications. What’s that when its at home? Its a water pan…

The ASMOKE AS350DC has a built in water pan to add additional water and flavor to a cook.
I joke about the branding here, but I do honestly like the introduction of a built-in water pan

Instead of just using water for additional moisture during the cook, as shown above, you can of course use other liquids to provide additional flavor to a cook.

So, as I stated in the intro, the ASMOKE AS300 has achieved good sales as it’s good value, with a typical price point of around $250 (check our database).

However, you will see that the typical price point of the AS350DC is much higher, closer to $430. While not twice the price, its in that direction.

Its very debateable as to whether the ASMOKE AS350DC is good value or not.
The AS350DC has a price point much higher than the AS300

Now, you’re obviously thinking at this point, but the AS350DC has a battery, its obviously going to cost more? And I agree, I just don’t think the value of that battery justifies the price increase.

After all, in terms of cooking area etc the AS300 and the AS350DC are identical. Therefore, the additional cost is purely going towards the battery.

My Final Thoughts On The ASMOKE AS350DC Battery Tabletop Pellet Grill/Smoker

I like the principle of tabletop pellet grills/smokers, I also like the idea of running a tabletop model off a battery. I’m just not a fan of doing it this way, with a battery provided by the pellet grill manufacturer.

Personally, I would buy a cheaper non-battery tabletop pellet grill/smoker, and use the funds not spent on a battery model to purchase a camping battery bank/power station. More utility, more power etc, same total cost spend.

Anyway, that’s just what I think. To review and compare all of your pellet grill/smoker options please check out our database through the link below.

PelHeat Pellet Grill/Smoker Database

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