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We are starting to see more and more smaller brands starting to enter the pellet grill market, particularly at the budget end, trying to offer the cheapest products. Here is such an example, the Dyna-Glo 460, which is part of their ‘Signature Series’. Right, let’s review its Pros & Cons.

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If you check out our database and pre-filter the result for ‘horizontal’ pellet grills and order via price, you will see that the Dyna-Glo 460 is currently one of the cheapest such models on the market, with a typical price point of just over $300.

The Dyna-Glo 460 is currently one of the cheapest pellet grills on the market.
The Dyna-Glo 460 is in the top ten of the cheapest horizontal pellet grills in our database

Now, those of you who have seen your fair share of pellet grill/smoker models, you may have noticed that this Dyna-Glo pellet grill looks very similar to certain Z Grill models.

There are a few small differences, such as the color scheme of this pellet grill and the lid thermometer, but yes, this pellet grill is clearly made in the same factory as the Z Grill models.

The Dyna-Glo 460 does feature cast-iron grates, which is a good thing for heat retention when grilling/searing. It’s just disappointing that they have chosen the cross-hatch grate design.

The cross-hatch grate design on the Dyna-Glo 460 is not a good feature.
Cross-hatch grates are harder to clean with a grill brush than simple/straight grill bars

This is not the only pellet grill with this design of grates. It’s seen on Pit Boss Pro Series Gen 2 models, and it’s also seen on the Blackstone Pellet Grill/Gas Griddle.

So many Pit Boss customers complained about the grates; with models such as the Pit Boss Pro Series 1150 Gen 3, they went back to straight grill grates.

The controller on the Dyna-Glo 460 only goes up to 450 degrees, which is not great for grilling and searing. However, it does benefit from direct-flame access to compensate.

The Dyna-Glo 460 does benefit from direct-flame access.
Getting flames from the pellet burn pot to the grate will help to provide good grilling/searing performance

Now, I will note, the flame grilling area on the Dyna-Glo 460 is much smaller than you would find on a typical Pit Boss model, for instance. Therefore, moving the food around on the grate is a must.

The controller fitted to the Dyna-Glo 460 only provides temperature adjustment in 25-degree increments, which is not great. There are many other models, which don’t cost much more, that offer more precise adjustments.

The controller on the Dyna-Glo 460 only provides temperature adjustment in 25 degree increments.
The Dyna-Glo 460 features pretty basic controller technology

Take the Pit Boss Lexington Onyx Edition, for example, which offers 5-degree temperature adjustment with a similarly low typical price point of $327.

The Dyna-Glo 460 provides a total cooking area of 460 square inches and a main grate of 332 square inches.

The cooking area of the Dyna-Glo 460 is pretty decent for its low price point.
The cooking area of the Dyna-Glo 460 is easily sufficient for a couple or a small family

Really, you don’t want to purchase a pellet grill/smoker with a cooking area much larger than your actual needs. The reason is that you’ll just spend more on BBQ pellets than you really need to.

Before I write these Pros & Cons articles for pellet grills/smokers in our database, I check the latest customer reviews I can find on a particular model. Unfortunately, they’re not great in this case.

There would appear to be reliability issues the controller on the Dyna-Glo 460.
Controller problems were by far the most common complaints with this pellet grill/smoker

What I do find a bit odd is that, as I stated above, this is essentially the same pellet grill as several other Z Grills models. But the reviews for those models don’t mention anywhere near as many issues with the controller!?

My Final Thoughts On The Dyna-Glo 460 Pellet Grill/Smoker

This Dyna-Glo pellet grill, with a price point close to $300, offers good value overall. The problem is there are now a collection of pellet grills that offer more for a similar price point.

Therefore, I cannot think of why I would personally choose this pellet grill over those options, particularly when I consider the issues that several owners appear to be having with the controller.

To review those other options, please use the link below to check out our database where you can pre-filter the results to only show models within a specific budget.

PelHeat Pellet Grill/Smoker Database

Research/compare over 290 pellet grills/smokers on sale today

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