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As you can see from my pellet grill brands list, with over 40 brands now listed, its getting harder and harder for new brands to bring something new to the table to attract attention. However, Halo is bringing a collection of new ideas to the table. The first of which is all of the pellet grills below can run on their own battery, which is a novel feature currently. However, there are some other features that help these pellet grills stand out from the crowd. Right, let’s get into this!

Halo Prime Series Pellet Grills
Along with their small tabletop model, Halo has now released three full-sized pellet grills, which also run on their battery system

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Introduction To Halo Products Group

So what do we know about Halo Products Group? Well, from reading the about page on their website, they were founded in 2020, and the company was originally based in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

Since then, in 2022, the company has apparently grown to over 30 employees globally and is stated to have had its products on national TV and in the Wall Street Journal.

While the company is US based, there is no indication these products are US-made which I wouldn’t expect for their price point, but they are likely designed/engineered in the US.

Sadly in 2022, one of the founders of Halo Products Group, Paul Simon, passed away. The remaining team has stated they wish to continue to grow Halo Products in Paul’s memory.

Halo Products also produce pizza ovens and griddles. However, for this article, I’m purely focusing on their range of Pime Series pellet grills/smokers.

The Halo Prime Series Pellet Grill Range

The current range of Halo Prime Series pellet grills includes a tabletop pellet grill and three full-sized backyard pellet grills. All of which can run on their own battery system.

There is a unique feature of the Halo Prime Series pellet grills, which makes running on a battery possible which we’ll discuss below.

This promotional video gives a quick preview of some of the unique features of the Halo Prime Series pellet grill range

Before I get into discussing the unique features of these Prime Series pellet grills/smokers and the features I like and some I have a few concerns about, here is a table on their key specs.

Halo Prime Series30055011001500
TypeTabletopFull SizedFull SizedFull Sized
Total Cooking Area301 sq.in553 sq.in1,129 sq.in1,474 sq.in
Main Grilling Area215 sq.in386 sq.in610 sq.in901 sq.in
Hopper10 lbs14 lbs18 lbs27 lbs
Temp Range180-500 F180-500 F180-500 F180-500 F
Direct Flame?YesYesYesYes
Typical Price$499$899$1,099$1,299

Halo Prime Series Pellet Grill Interesting Features/Specifications

There are quite a few features I like about these pellet grills (and one feature I personally really don’t like).

For instance, I’m a fan of the roll-top lid design of the full-sized Prime Series models, which is similar to that of the Pit Boss Competition Series or the Pitts & Spitts pellet grills.

The Prime 300 claims to be the first battery-powered pellet grill, and I do believe that to be true, though the Pit Boss battery-powered tabletop came along not long after.

As I discuss in my article on portable power for pellet grills, there are various means to power a pellet grill, including via separate battery power banks.

So below, we’ll discuss some of these unique features/specifications found on these Halo Prime Series pellet grills, starting with their most notable feature, built-in battery power functionality.

This video from Halo discusses the key features/specifications I’m going to discuss in more detail below

The Benefits/Disadvantages Of Battery Power

So every Halo Prime Series pellet grill can run from one of their battery packs that plug into the side of the unit. For their smallest unit, the tabletop Prime 300, the benefits are obvious.

However, for their larger backyard units, being able to run on battery power does have its own benefit. You’re not having to run an electrical extension lead over your garden to the pellet grill.

As I discuss in some of my error code articles for brands such as Traeger, Pit Boss, and Camp Chef, sometimes those units won’t turn on due to power cord issues (rodent damage, for instance).

Hence, that’s an issue that can be avoided by being able to run a pellet grill on its own built-in battery, which can apparently operate the pellet grill for 15 to 20 hours.

Halo Prime Series Pellet Grill Batteries
While the Halo battery system has its benefits, the batteries and chargers don’t come cheap

However, the prices stated above do not include the battery, and you would probably want a second battery as backup, and then there is the price of the charging dock etc.

A couple of batteries and a charging dock can easily add between $200 to $300 to the price of the pellet grill. Therefore, you have to really consider if its worth it for your own circumstances.

There is also the question of running out of battery power mid-cook. Can you just swap out a battery mid-cook with no issues? If you don’t have a battery, can you just plug in the AC power cord?

I’m waiting on feedback from Halo on these questions, as running out of pellets mid-cook can create issues, as can a lack of power.

Spark Ignition For Pellets!?

Traditionally, all pellet grills/smokers up until this point have featured a hot rod igniter to get the pellet fire going. As the name implies, the hot rod gets hot enough to start the pellet fire.

However, getting the hot rod up to temperature takes quite a lot of electricity. Hence, that’s why in some instances, for portable pellet grills or for a failed igniter, you want to know how to ignite the fire manually.

Well, for Halo to design all their pellet grills around being able to run off a battery, keeping energy consumption to a minimum means the hot rod igniter is a problem.

Their solution is their patented ‘high-intensity spark ignition system‘. This enables them to start the pellet fire using much less electricity than a standard hot rod igniter.

Front Hopper With Two Chambers/Augers

So I’ve stated the total hopper capacities above. However, on the Prime 500, 1100, and 1500 those hopper capacities are actually from two chambers, not one, as is the case on the Prime 300.

Furthermore, each of the hopper chambers has its own auger and its own vibration motor/rumbler to avoid pellet bridging/hulling in the hopper where the pellets stop falling down into the auger.

With the split pellet hopper configuration, Halo states one of the reasons they did this was so that you can pellet blend from two different pellet flavors at the same time.

Halo Prime Series Pellet Grill Hopper
I think the dual hopper/auger design on these Halo Prime Series pellet grills is the feature I’m most impressed with

There is a pellet sensor on each side of the hopper, which, when low pellets are detected it will activate the rumbler to move the remaining pellets into the auger.

Furthermore, when the clean-out feature is activated, the augers will move the pellets out of the hoppers into a bucket which is placed under where the burn pot is located with the ashtray removed.

This split hopper, twin auger, pellet sensor, and rumbler setup is where these Halo pellet grills really stand out. Its the best, most comprehensive pellet hopper design I’ve seen to date on a pellet grill.

Designed For Outdoor Kitchen Integration

Another notable feature of the Halo Prime Series range or pellet grills is that while the Prime 500, 1100, and 1500 come with a kart, each grill can actually be separated from the kart.

As you can see from the video above, at the 5.33 mark, by undoing a few screws and with the help of a second person, the pellet grill can be separated from the kart entirely.

Halo Prime Series Pellet Grills & Outdoor Kitchens
On the Halo Prime 500, 1100, and 1500 the kart/side shelves can be removed, and the unit can be integrated into an outdoor kitchen setup

As the hopper and control panel are on the front of the grill, it means these Halo Prime Series pellet grills can be neatly integrated into an outdoor kitchen setup.

However, even if you don’t currently have an outdoor kitchen, but its something you aspire to have at some point, its nice to know that your pellet grill can be integrated into a future kitchen.

A Feature That I’m Not A Fan Of

While there are several features of the Halo Prime Series pellet grills I like, such as the hopper and the fact they are all designed to be integrated into the outdoor kitchen, there is a feature I’m not a fan of.

That feature is how the control panel is integrated into the hopper lid/front shelf of the pellet grills. I get why Halo has done this for the outdoor kitchen integration, but I think its going to cause problems.

Halo Prime Series Pellet Grill Control Panel
I think quite a few owners are going to get frustrated with the location of the control panel on the front shelf/hopper lid

First off, having the raised temperature dial on the front shelf will get knocked when loading food/trays in and out of the pellet grill. Second, the control panel is going to get really dirty with grease etc.

However, when food has finished cooking, you are going to be carrying hot food/cookware over and around the control panel. It’s obvious what sort of issues this could lead to.

Like I say, I understand why Halo has positioned the control panel on the front shelf, its easy to read, and it means simpler integration into an outdoor kitchen setup. However, there are also downsides.

Final Thoughts On The Halo Prime Series Pellet Grills…

I think there are definitely some positive design ideas here with these Halo Prime Series pellet grills/smokers. I think their hopper/auger design is currently one of the best on the market.

I also like how these pellet grills/smokers can be easily integrated into an outdoor kitchen setup which is something I know more and more of my readers are considering.

I think the battery power option is nice to have. However, its optional, and the cost to add that battery functionality can be pretty steep when you add in multiple batteries and a charger.

I’m not a fan at all of the location of the control panel. I can easily see it getting very dirty/greasy and damaged with hot heavy cookware etc.

However, overall, I think Halo Products are bringing some pretty unique products to the market here, which will help them stand out from the crowd.

That’s it! I hope you found my article above interesting. If you would like to learn about more of your pellet BBQ options, check out my Pellet Grill/Smoker Guide. šŸ™‚

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