Traeger Timberline Gen 2 – Worthy Of The Price?

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Traeger has now released its second generation of Timberline pellet grill models. There are two versions, the smaller simply branded as the ‘Timberline’ or its larger sibling branded as the ‘Timberline XL’. With this article, I want to run through the specifications of these new top-of-the-line Traeger models. I discuss where there are some new invocations and some borrowed ideas from other pellet grill brands. I’ll also discuss the price of these new Timberline models and whether I think they are worth their considerable outlay.

Traeger Timberline Gen 2
The new second-generation Traeger Timberline models feature a cabinet design which can easily be integrated into outdoor kitchen setup

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Introduction To The Traeger Timberline Gen 2

The Traeger lineup consists of their entry Pro Series, their mid-range Ironwood models and their top-of-the-line Timberline models.

I have a previous article on the Timberline Gen 1 models and soon after writing this article, I want to do a Timberline Gen 1 vs Gen 2 comparison.

For now though, we are going to do a run-through of the features of these second-generation Timberline models and look at how they compare to what the wider competition is offering.

As a quick introduction to these new Traeger Timberline models, I’ve included the Traeger advert below, which is just over 1 minute 30 seconds.

A short Traeger advert for their second-generation Timberline models

There are many features of these new Timberline models I do like, as I’ll discuss below. However, these features have to be considered in context.

Timberline models have always been the best offerings from Traeger, and they always were a premium pellet grill at a premium price point.

However, where Gen 1 Timberline models retailed around the $2K mark, Traeger has stepped up their pricing for their Gen 2 Timberline models to in excess of $3K and close to $4K.

That price point puts these Traeger models up against full-stainless steel pellet grills, which these Gen 2 Timberline models are not.

Improved Temperature Accuracy (Smart Combustion™)

If you are up on your pellet grill technology, you shouldn’t be too surprised to learn that these second-generation Timberline models are fitted with a PID temperature controller.

Traeger has been using PID temperature control technology for many years now, since the introduction of their D2 Direct Drive technology.

PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) technology simply means the pellet grill is constantly comparing the set temperature against the actual temperature within the grill to make small constant adjustments.

However, up until this point, most pellet grills have been using a single temperature probe.

The new Timberline control panel is not only smarter it now features a much easier-to-read full-colour display

Where these Gen 2 Timberline models differ is they are fitted with multiple temperature sensors.

For instance, there is now a sensor monitoring the ambient air temperature, so the grill knows whether there are summer or winter temperatures around the grill.

What that means is the grill can better adapt the combustion process to maintain even more steady and consistent temperatures inside the cooking chamber where it matters.

These Gen 2 Timberline grills also know when the lid is open to step up the burner to compensate for additional heat loss.

Now, a pellet grill nerd like myself knows that the first pellet grill controller to know when the lid is open and to adjust the pellet burn was actually the Grilla Grills Alpha Connect control panel.

So Traeger has obviously seen the benefit of that approach and integrated it into their new pellet grills.

Can These Timberline Gen 2 Models Now Sear?

I’ve previously written about can a Traeger replace a gas grill, and the reason that question comes up quite a lot is because the maximum temperature of the previous Traeger grills has been limited to 500 degrees.

To get a good sear on a steak/burger you really need a cooking surface temperature of around 650 degrees or above.

Therefore, has Traeger upped the maximum temperature setting of their new Timberline models? Nope, they are still limited to 500 degrees.

Hence, Traeger is still resisting adding direct-flame access functionality to their pellet grills, likely due to the increased grease fire risk that direct-flame access can present (Weber Smokefire cough cough).

Therefore, is grilling/searing performance the Achilles heel of these new Gen 2 Timberline models?

Well, Traeger has addressed the grilling/searing performance from another angle with the introduction of a side-mounted induction hob.

New Induction Cooktop For Searing & More

These latest Timberline models come with an induction hob which is a first for a pellet grill/smoker. It creates a new type of combo pellet grill/smoker.

Usually, combo models feature a gas burner as the secondary source of heat.

However, an induction hob can actually heat up twice as fast as a gas burner or a standard radiant heat electrical hob.

So let’s quickly discuss how an induction hob works, while it does use electricity, it doesn’t actually produce heat via resistance, it uses an electromagnet.

The induction cooktop which has been added to these Gen 2 Timberline models is arguably their best feature

Therefore, you can only use pans/skillets etc with a high iron content on an induction hob, pure copper or aluminium pans won’t work, they just won’t get hot.

However, to not damage the glass top on the hob, you would only want to use enamelled cast iron cookware.

You can easily check your cookware to see if it would work on an induction hob. If a magnet sticks to the bottom of the pan, it will get hot on an induction hob.

So with this induction hob, these new Timberline models can get a cast iron pan, for instance, up to 700 degrees for great searing after cooking within the pellet grill.

But at the same time, its much safer than a gas burner, and you obviously don’t have to worry about buying gas as well as pellets.

Simplified Cleanup & Quicker Pellet Flavour Changes

An aspect of the new Timberline designs which I think is impressive and good to see is the attention that has been paid to making clean-up and maintenance easier.

First, let’s discuss this new design for grease and ash cleanup. Previously all Traeger models had a solid grease tray which fed grease into a side bucket or dedicated grease draw.

Ash clean up required the user to remove all the contents of the pellet grill and get in there with a shop vac occasionally.

However, with these Timberline Gen 2 models, Traeger has combined the grease and ash management into one simple, quick solution (2-in-1 EZ Clean).

All grease and ash are now collected into a single removable large cup under the grill and disposable foil cups are used.

I do think the new grease/ash management setup on these new Timblerine models is currently the best in the business

If you’re like me, you’re probably curious how Traeger created a design where the grease and ash are collected together.

Well, the grease collector is a solid tray except for a single large outlet on the left side above the collection bucket. The interesting part is going on underneath.

These new Timblerine Gen 2 models are fitted with a drop-down pellet burn pot on the right-hand side of the grill.

In other words, the pellets now drop into the burn pot instead of an auger feeding the pellets up from underneath.

A drop-down pellet burn pot has safety benefits as it makes burn back up the auger and into the hopper practically impossible.

As part of this new burn pot design, a more powerful combustion fan is being used, which is blowing the ash out of the burn pot over to the left-hand side, where its collected in a funnel.

As they say, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’; therefore, I’ve found an image of this new burn pot/ash collection design from an Ace Hardware video linked under the image below.

Traeger Timberline Gen 2 Pellet Burner
Gen 2 Timberline models feature a drop-down burn pot on the right side with a powerful fan which blows ash over into the left side into the ash collection funnel: Image – Ace Hardware –

Proper Integration Of The Traeger StayDry Pellet Bins

Another feature of these new Timberline Gen 2 models, which I was very happy to see, is proper integration with their StayDry pellet bins.

As pellets can go bad if exposed to moisture or high humidity, proper pellet storage is very important, but its usually been treated as an afterthought by pellet grill manufacturers.

Personally, this has always driven me nuts, as pellet density is so crucial to the efficient operation of a pellet grill/smoker.

Manufacturers should have been providing proper pellet storage solutions for many years.

Traeger Timberline Gen 2 StayDry Pellet Storage Bins
Traeger Gen 2 Timberline models have been designed to use the plastic Traeger StayDry pellet storage bins to easily swap pellet flavors but also to protect pellets from moisture/humidity

Traeger has been selling their plastic StayDry pellet bins, but emptying pellets from their existing Pro Series or Ironwood/Gen 1 Timberline models into those bins was not easy.

Sure, most of the pellets would end up in the bin, but owners would often end up with pellets on the floor.

The Gen 2 Timberline models have been designed so the StayDry pellet bins can be slid on rails under the hopper, and the pellet dump chute directs the pellets into the pellet bin without the user having to hold the bin at the same time.

Now, this design idea has actually been ‘borrowed’ from the Oklahoma Joe’s Rider pellet grills.

But as I stated in my article on those pellet grills, it was only a matter of time before other brands implemented this pellet storage design, and everyone from manufacturers to users is all the better for it.

Designed For Easy Outdoor Kitchen Integration

As the Timberline is Traeger’s top-of-the-line range with a price to match, its pretty obvious that anyone looking to spend over $3K on a grill is also the sort of person that is at least considering a dedicated outdoor kitchen setup.

The Gen 1 Timberline models, due to their support leg design, were not really suited to be easily integrated into an outdoor kitchen setup.

However, the cabinet design of these Gen 2 Timberline models means that’s now changed.

As Traeger states, the new Timberline Gen 2 models are ‘Dream Deck Ready’ and can be well integrated into an outdoor kitchen setup

What you should notice from the video above is that Traeger has designed the side shelf with the induction cooktop on Gen 2 Timberline models to be removable.

The induction hob can then be integrated into the counter next to the grill.

This provides for a nice streamlined design for the Traeger Timberline Gen 2 to be integrated into an outdoor kitchen cabinet setup, maybe even with some modular stainless steel cabinets.

The Timberline Gen 2 vs The Competition

These second-generation Timberline models feature similar construction to the first generation. With a powered coated steel outer finish and twin-wall insulated stainless steel internal construction.

Hence, while stainless steel is used internally, its not used for the external materials on these Traeger products.

While at the $2K price point of the first generation Timberline models that could potentially be justified, I think its a harder sell with these second-generation Timberline models when they cost in excess of $3K.

For instance, the Timberline XL retails for just under $4K. Well, for that price point, there are full stainless steel pellet grill options from both Cookshack and Coyote Outdoor Living.

Traeger Timberline Gen 2 Competition
Both the Cookshack PG1000 (left) or the Coyote 28″ (right) are full-stainless steel pellet grills which come below the cost of a Traeger Timberline XL

Granted, there are areas where the Timberline XL is superior to those pellet grills. For example, the Cookshack lacks a PID temperature controller or WiFi integration.

The Coyote model also lacks WiFi/App support, which in my linked article above, I find bizarre for a modern premium pellet grill.

Traeger, with their WiFire integration and App, is currently the market leader in that regard, I believe.

These new Timberline models feature an even stronger WiFi antenna for better reception and more reliable connectivity.

My Final Thoughts On The Traeger Timberline Gen 2…

So what are my final thoughts on these Traeger Timberline Gen 2 models?

Well, I’m writing this article just a few weeks after the reveal, and I don’t have any customer review videos I can reference. I’m purely going off the specs and price points of these new Timberline models.

I think the new drop-down burn pot and grease/ash collection designs are an improvement and one of the best solutions found on any pellet grill currently on the market.

I’m also a fan of the induction hob. I think its a great way to address the high heat searing limitations that Traeger’s have traditionally struggled with while avoiding the potential safety implications of direct-flame access on the grill.

I’m also happy to see the proper integration of the plastic StayDry pellet bins to keep pellets in good condition and for easy flavour swaps.

It also appears Traeger has stepped up their WiFire game further, and there is also now integration with wireless Meater thermometers.

However, charging close to $4K for a pellet grill with a powered coated steel outer body, I think is a tough sell.

Granted, there are those Traeger faithful that will only buy a Traeger and not consider products from other brands. But in that case, I’d recommend my Ironwood vs Timberline Gen 2 article.

That’s it! If you want to explore your wider options, not just from Traeger, check out my Wood Pellet Grill Guide, which is a collection of my articles. Enjoy 🙂

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