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PelHeat Pellet Grill/Smoker Database

Updated April 2024
Make/ModelTypical Price ($)Pellet Grill/Smoker TypeTotal Cooking Area ( Grate ( Surfaces:Hopper Size (lbs):Low Temp (Β°F):High Temp (Β°F):Direct Flame?PID?WiFi/App?Made In The US?Released:Brand:Model Number:My Article:Availability:
Z Grills 1000D4E WiFi$849Horizontal1,056428320180450NoYesYes
Z GrillsZ Grills
Z Grills 7002C2E WiFi$649Horizontal697504224180450NoYesYes
No2024Z GrillsZ Grills 7002C2E/
Z Grills 700D4E WiFi$749Horizontal697504220180450NoYesYes
No2024Z GrillsZ Grills
Recteq E-Series Built-In 1300$3,499Built-In/Stainless Steel1,
Recteq Flagship XL 1400$1,599Horizontal/Stainless Steel1,
ASMOKE AS350DC$439Tabletop/Battery25619124180500YesNoNoNo2024ASMOKEPros & Cons – ASMOKE
Pit Boss Competition Series Titan$1,299Horizontal1,600711340150500YesYesYesNo2024Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Competition Series
Member’s Mark 36″ Pellet Smoker with Smoke Box/Induction Hob$499Horizontal/Smoke Box920
621220200500NoNoNoNo2024Member’s MarkPros & Cons – Member’s Mark 36” Pellet Smoker with Smoke Tray & Induction
Pit Boss Pit Stop Onyx Edition$227Tabletop25619127180500YesNoNoNo2024Pit BossPB150NXPros & Cons – Pit Boss Pit Stop Onyx
Pit Boss Charleston Onyx Edition$697Pellet/Gas Combo1,020766318180500YesYesNoNo2024Pit BossPB1020NX
Pros & Cons – Pit Boss Charleston Onyx
Pit Boss Classic 700 Onyx Edition$397Horizontal746523218180500YesYesNoNo2024Pit BossPB700NXPros & Cons – Pit Boss Classic 700 Onyx
Weber Searwood XL 600 Pellet Grill$1,199Horizontal972630220180600YesYesYesNo2024Weber#1500121Pros & Cons – Weber Searwood XL
Weber Searwood 600 Pellet Grill$899Horizontal648420220180600YesYesYesNo
2024Weber#1500120Pros & Cons – Weber Searwood
Pit Boss Platinum 1250$697Horizontal1,323540333180500YesYesYesNo2024Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Platinum
Blackstone 22 XL Griddle Pellet Grill Combo$1,199Pellet/Gas Combo1,324950320180500NoYesYesNo2024BlackstonePros & Cons – Blackstone 22 XL Griddle Pellet Grill
GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker$999Indoor Smoker288031185300YesNo2024GE Profile#P9SBAAS6VBBPros & Cons – GE Profile Smart Indoor Pellet
Grilla Grills Mammoth$999Vertical3,30001040180450YesYesNo2023Grilla GrillsPros & Cons – Grilla Grills
Even Embers Ceramic Pellet Grill
$899Ceramic441441116175550NoNoBluetooth OnlyNo2023Even
Bybafun 465 SQ.IN Ceramic Pellet Grill$1,
SINOFURN 465 SQ.IN Ceramic Pellet Grill$1,
Cesicia 24″ Ceramic Pellet Grill$1,
Kamado Joe Pellet Joe$1,799Ceramic250250110150600NoYesYesNo2023Kamado
GMG Trek Prime 2.0$
GMG Ledge Prime 2.0$
GMG Peak Prime 2.0$1,
Recteq DualFire 1200$1,799Horizontal/Stainless Steel1,208302370180700NoYesYesNo2023RecteqPros & Cons – recteq DualFire
Recteq Flagship 1100$1,299Horizontal/Stainless Steel1,109655240180700NoYesYesNo2023RecteqPros & Cons – recteq Flagship
Recteq Backyard Beast 1000$1,099Horizontal/Stainless Steel1,
Recteq SmokeStone 600$
Recteq Deck Boss 590$899Horizontal/Stainless
Camp Chef Woodwind 24 $999Horizontal/Stainless Steel811429222160500YesYesYesNo2023Camp ChefPros & Cons – Camp Chef Woodwind
Camp Chef Woodwind 24 SideKick$1,299Pellet/Gas Combo811429222160500YesYesYesNo2023Camp ChefPros & Cons – Camp Chef Woodwind
Camp Chef Woodwind 36 SideKick$1,499Pellet/Gas Combo1,236663222160500YesYesYesNo2023Camp ChefPros & Cons – Camp Chef Woodwind
Camp Chef Woodwind 36$1,199Horizontal/Stainless Steel1,236663222160500YesYesYesNo2023Camp ChefPros & Cons – Camp Chef Woodwind
Tracklife Pellet Grill$
Cabela’s Pro Series 36″$799Horizontal1,236633222180450YesYesYesNo2023CabelasCamp Chef vs Cabela’s Pellet Grills – Which Are Better?
Cabela’s Pro Series 24″$699Horizontal811429222180450YesYesYesNo2023CabelasCamp Chef vs Cabela’s Pellet Grills – Which Are Better?
Cabela’s Deluxe 24$599Horizontal570429218180450NoYesNoNo2023CabelasCamp Chef vs Cabela’s Pellet Grills – Which Are Better?
Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Oven$399Electric Oven18018010105700NoNoNo2023NinjaNinja Woodfire Outdoor
Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill Pro Connect XL$447Electric Grill18018010105700NoYesNo2023NinjaNinja Woodfire Outdoor Grill Pro Connect
Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill$369Electric Grill14114110105700NoNoNo2023NinjaPros & Cons – Ninja Woodfire Outdoor
Brisk It Origin-940$1,399Horizontal580428222180500NoYesYesNo2023Brisk ItBrisk It
Brisk It Origin-580$999Horizontal580428222180500NoYesYesNo2023Brisk ItBrisk It
Merax Ceramic$1,263Ceramic465465112180500NoYesNoNo2023MeraxMerax
Nexgrill Oakford 580$369Horizontal581400222160550NoYesYesNo2023NexgrillPros & Cons – Nexgrill Oakford 580 WiFi Pellet
Nexgrill Oakford 1400$499Vertical1,3880580150420YesYesNo2023NexgrillNexgrill Oakford
Nexgrill Oakford 1000$542Horizontal1,008671232160550NoYesYesNo2023NexgrillNexgrill Oakford
Nexgrill Oakford 790$514Horizontal790527232160550NoYesYesNo2023NexgrillNexgrill Oakford
HiMombo 570$399Horizontal570305223180450YesNoNoNo2023HiMomboHiMombo
ASMOKE AS550P$499Horizontal5150213180500YesNoNoNo2023ASMOKEASMOKE
ASMOKE AS550$419Horizontal5150213180500YesNoNoNo2023ASMOKEASMOKE
ASMOKE AS700P$749Horizontal7000226180500YesYesNoNo2023ASMOKEASMOKE
Z Grills 550C$529Horizontal553406210180450NoYesNoNo2023Z GrillsZ Grills
Z Grills 10502B$599Horizontal1,080443312180450NoYesNoNo2023Z GrillsZ Grills
Z Grills 7002C/7002F$519Horizontal697494224180450NoYesNoNo2023Z GrillsZ Grills 7002C/
Recteq RT-B380X Bullseye Deluxe$799Horizontal/Stainless Steel3803801182001,000NoYesYesNo2023Recteqrecteq RT-B380X Bullseye
Recteq Patio Legend 410$699Horizontal/Stainless Steel410410114180700NoYesYesNo2023Recteqrecteq Patio Legend
Recteq Road Warrior 340P$599Portable/Stainless Steel340340114180700NoYesNoNo2023Recteqrecteq Road Warrior
HALO Prime 1100$1,099Horizontal/Built-In1,129610218180500YesYesYesNo2023HALOHALO Prime
HALO Prime 1500$1,299Horizontal/Built-In1,474901227180500YesYesYesNo2023HALOHALO Prime
HALO Prime 550$899Horizontal/Built-In553386214180500YesYesYesNo2023HALOHALO Prime
Weber SmokeFire Sear+ ELX6$1,599Horizontal1,157648322180600YesYesYesUS Assembled2023WeberWeber SmokeFire Sear+
Weber SmokeFire Sear+ ELX4$1,399Horizontal771432322180600YesYesYesUS Assembled2023WeberWeber SmokeFire Sear+
Camp Chef XXL Pro$899Vertical/Smoke Box1,8060630150350YesYesNo2023Camp ChefPros & Cons – Camp Chef XXL
Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 36 SideKick$1,799Pellet/Gas Combo1,236663322160500YesYesYesNo2023Camp ChefPros & Cons – Camp Chef Woodwind Pro
Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 36$1,499Horizontal/Smoke Box1,236663222160500NoYesYesNo2023Camp ChefPros & Cons – Camp Chef Woodwind Pro
Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 24 SideKick$1,449Pellet/Gas Combo811429322160500YesYesYesNo2023Camp ChefPros & Cons – Camp Chef Woodwind Pro
Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 24$1,199Horizontal/Smoke Box811429222160500NoYesYesNo2023Camp ChefPros & Cons – Camp Chef Woodwind Pro
Pit Boss 4 Copperhead Onyx Edition$474Vertical1,3000565130420YesNoNo2023Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Copperhead Onyx
Pit Boss Pro Series Elite 6-Series (Gen 3)$899Vertical1,5000570130420YesYesNo2023Pit BossPit Boss Pro Series Elite 6-Series (Gen 3)
Pit Boss Pro Series 1600 (Gen 3)$999Horizontal1,598711332180500YesYesYesNo2023Pit BossSKU: 10981Pros & Cons – Pit Boss Pro Series 1600 (Gen 3)
Pit Boss Pro Series 1150 (Gen 3)$699Horizontal1,150711232180500YesYesYesNo2023Pit BossSKU: 10980Pros & Cons – Pit Boss Pro Series 1150 (Gen 3)
Pit Boss Pro Series Elite 1600 PSE (Gen 3)$1,399Horizontal 1,598711332180500YesYesYesNo2023Pit BossSKU: 10982Pit Boss Pro Series Elite 1600 PSE (Gen 3)
Pit Boss Savannah Onyx Edition$597Horizontal1,507633328180500YesYesNo (Optional)No2023Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Savannah Onyx
Pit Boss Austin XL 1000 Onyx Edition$497Horizontal1,008720230180500YesYesNo (Optional)No2023Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Austin XL 1000 Onyx
Pit Boss Lexington 500 Onyx Edition$327Horizontal543373215180500YesYesNoNo2023Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Lexington 500 Onyx
Pit Boss Portable Battery Pellet Grill$499Tabletop/Battery25619127180500YesNoNoNo2023Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Portable Battery Pellet
Pit Boss Sportsman 1600$1,099Horizontal1,598711330180500YesNoYesNo2023Pit BossPit Boss Sportsman
Traeger Ironwood XL (Gen 2)$1,999Horizontal925594222180500NoYesYesNo2023TraegerTFB93RLGTraeger Ironwood XL (Gen 2)
Traeger Ironwood (Gen 2)$1,799Horizontal616 396 222 180500NoYesYesNo2023TraegerTFB61RLGPros & Cons – Traeger Ironwood Gen
Smokin Brothers 24″ Premier Plus Grill$1,499Horizontal646646120150500NoYesNoUS Made2022Smokin
Smokin Brothers 36″ Premier Plus Grill$2,199Horizontal976976120150500NoYesNoUS Made2022Smokin
Smokin Brothers 30″ Premier Plus Grill$1,799Horizontal792792120150500NoYesNoUS Made2022Smokin
Royall Grills 7000VS Pitmaster Smoker$4,945Vertical3,9900621160600NoYesNoUS Made2022Royall
Royall Grills 5000VS Pitmaster Smoker$3,595Vertical1,7480421160600NoYesNoUS Made2022Royall
Royall Grills The Tailgater$500Portable270270110180450NoYesNoUS Made2022Royall
Royall Grills The Master Series$2,349Horizontal797627221160600NoYesNoUS Made2022Royall
Royall Grills The Backyard$1,495Horizontal418418121160600NoYesNoUS Made2022Royall
Royall Grills The Whole Block$1,795Horizontal797627221160600NoYesNoUS Made2022Royall
Member’s Mark Pro Series$499Horizontal1,0340324180500NoYesNoNo2022Member’s MarkMember’s Mark Pro
Lone Star Grillz 20″ x 42″$2,895Horizontal1,278735240160450YesYesYesUS Made2022Lone Star GrillzLone Star Grillz 20″ x 42″
Lone Star Grillz 20″ x 36″$2,695Horizontal1,062609240160450YesYesYesUS Made2022Lone Star GrillzLone Star Grillz 20″ x 36″
Lifetime Pellet/Gas Grill$1,299Pellet/Gas Combo7420220180700YesYesYesNo2022LifetimeLifetime Pellet/Gas
KANDO Gear Champ$3,795Horizontal1,113665220160500YesYesYesUS Made2022KANDO GearKANDO Gear
KANDO Gear K480$2,995Horizontal750456220160500YesYesYesUS Made2022KANDO GearKANDO Gear
USSC Grills USG730SS$874Horizontal 7300224180500NoYesNoNo2022USSC GrillsUSSC Grills
Monument Grills 26-In$529Horizontal7030220180500YesYesNoNo2022Monument GrillsMonument Grills
USSC Grills Portable$343Tabletop295295112180500YesYesNoNo2022USSC GrillsUSSC Grills
Oklahoma Joe’s Rider DLX (Gen 2)$699Horizontal906578220200600YesYesNoNo2022Oklahoma JoesOklahoma Joe’s Rider DLX (Gen 2)
LifePro SCSP2000LP$644Horizontal2,0000330180500NoYesNoNo2022LifeProLifePro
LifePro SCSP1500LP$558Horizontal1,5000330180500NoYesNoNo2022LifeProLifePro
Royal Gourmet PL2032$397Horizontal802640225180500NoNoNoNo2022Royal GourmetRoyal Gourmet
Costway Pellet Grill$239Tabletop256256113180450NoNoNoNo2022CostwayCostway Pellet
ASMOKE AS660$499Horizontal7000226180500YesNoNoNo2022ASMOKEASMOKE
ASMOKE AS660N-1$529Horizontal7000226180500YesNoNoNo2022ASMOKEASMOKE
ASMOKE AS300$249Tabletop25619124180500YesNoNoNo2022ASMOKEPros & Cons – ASMOKE
ASMOKE AS350$429Tabletop25619124180500YesNoNoNo2022ASMOKEASMOKE
DAMNISS 456 SQ.IN Pellet Grill$
Onlyfire Tabletop Pellet Grill$
KingChii 456 SQ.IN Pellet Grill$
VEVOR 580 SQ.IN Pellet Grill$
VEVOR 740 SQ.IN Pellet Grill$
VEVOR 840 SQ.IN Pellet Grill$
Z Grills 7052B WiFi$899Horizontal709461228160500NoYesYesNo2022Z GrillsPros & Cons – Z Grills 7052B
Z Grills 11002B WiFi$1,299Horizontal1,068693228160500NoYesYesNo2022Z GrillsZ Grills 11002B
Z Grills 700D3$609Horizontal697504220180450NoYesNoNo2022Z GrillsZ Grills
Z Grills Cruiser 200A$299Tabletop20220218180450NoNoNoNo2022Z GrillsPros & Cons – Z Grills Cruiser
Pitts & Spitts Maverick 2000 SS$5,899Horizontal/Stainless Steel2,000666335160600NoYesYesUS Made2022Pitts & SpittsPitts & Spitts Maverick 2000
Pitts & Spitts Maverick 850 SS$4,149Horizontal/Stainless Steel850425235160600NoYesYesUS Made2022Pitts & SpittsPitts & Spitts Maverick 850
Pitts & Spitts Maverick 2000$3,649Horizontal2,000666335160600NoYesNo (Optional)US Made2022Pitts & SpittsPitts & Spitts Maverick
Pitts & Spitts Maverick 1250 SS$5,149Horizontal/Stainless Steel1,250625235160600NoYesYesUS Made2022Pitts & SpittsPitts & Spitts Maverick 1250
Pitts & Spitts Maverick 850$2,449Horizontal850425235160600NoYesNo (Optional)US Made2022Pitts & SpittsPitts & Spitts Maverick
Pitts & Spitts Maverick 1250$2,749Horizontal1,250625235160600NoYesNo (Optional)US Made2022Pitts & SpittsPitts & Spitts Maverick
Oklahoma Joe’s Anthem Series Rider DLX$899Horizontal1,234578320180650YesYesNoNo2022Oklahoma JoesOklahoma Joe’s Anthem Series Rider
Memphis Grills Pro ITC3 28-Inch$4,499Horizontal/Stainless Steel568432218180650YesYesYesNo2022Memphis GrillsMemphis Grills Pro ITC3
Memphis Grills Pro ITC3 Built-In 28-Inch$4,999Built-In/Stainless Steel568432218180650YesYesYesNo2022Memphis GrillsMemphis Grills Pro ITC3 Built-In
Memphis Grills Elite ITC3 39-Inch$5,999Horizontal/Stainless Steel848644224180700YesYesYesNo2022Memphis GrillsMemphis Grills Elite ITC3
Memphis Grills Elite ITC3 Built-In 39-Inch$5,499Built-In/Stainless Steel848644224180700YesYesYesNo2022Memphis GrillsMemphis Grills Elite ITC3 Built-In
HALO Prime 300$494Tabletop/Battery301215210180500YesYesNoNo2022HALOHALO Prime
Cuisinart 24-Inch CPG-256$399Tabletop25618824180500NoNoNoNo2022CuisinartCuisinart 24-Inch
Cuisinart 52-Inch CPG-700$799Horizontal700484221180500NoNoNoNo2022CuisinartCuisinart 52-Inch
Cuisinart 45-Inch CPG-465$599Horizontal465304213180500NoNoNoNo2022CuisinartCuisinart 45-Inch
Camp Chef MZGX 24$599Horizontal776429218160500YesYesYesNo2022Camp ChefCamp Chef MZGX
Camp Chef Apex 36 Gas Kit$2,449Pellet/Gas Combo1,236663230160500YesYesYesNo2022Camp ChefCamp Chef Apex 36 Gas
Camp Chef Apex 36 $1,999Horizontal1,236663230160500NoYesYesNo2022Camp ChefCamp Chef Apex 36
Camp Chef Apex 24 Gas Kit$2,199Pellet/Gas Combo811429330160500YesYesYesNo2022Camp Chef Pros & Cons – Camp Chef Apex
Camp Chef Apex 24$1,799Horizontal811429230160500NoYesYesNo2022Camp ChefPros & Cons – Camp Chef Apex
Pit Boss Competition Series 1230CS1$699Pellet/Gas Combo1,261630221180500YesYesYesNo2022Pit BossPit Boss Competition Series
Pit Boss Competition Series PBV5P2$549Vertical1,6790560150420YesNoNo2022Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Competition Series Vertical Pellet
Pit Boss Mile Hybrid$497Pellet/Gas Combo611438215180500YesNoNoNo2022Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Mile
Pit Boss Competition Series 1600$799Horizontal1,578648326180500YesYesYesNo2022Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Competition Series
Pit Boss Competition Series 1250$699Horizontal1,315540326180500YesYesYesNo2022Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Competition Series
Pit Boss Competition Series 850$549Horizontal849593221180500YesYesYesNo2022Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Competition Series
Pit Boss Sportsman 1100$799Horizontal 1,610711230180500YesNoYesNo2022Pit BossPit Boss Sportsman
Pit Boss Sportsman 820$699Horizontal849593221180500YesNoYesNo2022Pit BossPit Boss Sportsman
Pit Boss Sportsman 500$460Horizontal542400215180500YesNoNoNo2022Pit BossPit Boss Sportsman
Traeger Timberline XL (Gen 2)$3,799Horizontal/Built-In1,320 594322 180500NoYesYesNo2022TraegerTBB01RLGTraeger Timberline XL (Gen 2)
Traeger Timberline (Gen 2)$2,999Horizontal/Built-In880 396 322 180500NoYesYesNo2022TraegerTBB86RLGTraeger Timberline (Gen 2)
Ooni Fyra 12 Pellet Pizza Oven$349Pizza Oven14414412200950YesNo2021OoniPros & Cons – Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Pellet Pizza
MAK Grills MAK 3 Star$9,499Horizontal/Stainless Steel2,750660230170650YesYesYesUS Made2021MAK GrillsMAK Grills MAK 3
MAK Grills MAK 2 Star Stainless Steel$4,499Horizontal/Stainless Steel858429220170600YesYesYesUS Made2021MAK GrillsMAK Grills MAK 2 Star Stainless
MAK Grills MAK 2 Star$3,499Horizontal858429220170600YesYesNo (Optional)US Made2021MAK GrillsMAK Grills MAK 2
MAK Grills MAK 1 Star $2,499Horizontal858429220170600YesYesNo (Optional)US Made2021MAK GrillsMAK Grills MAK 1 Star
Blazn Grill Works Grid Iron$1,799Horizontal 720720130160500YesYesNo (Optional)US Made2021Blazn Grill WorksBlazn Grill Works Grid
Blazn Grill Works Grand Slam$1,599Horizontal468468130160500YesYesNo (Optional)US Made2021Blazn Grill WorksBlazn Grill Works Grand
Yoder YS480s Built-In$2,579Built-In800480220150600YesYesYesUS Made2021Yoder SmokersPros & Cons – Yoder
Yoder YS640s Built-In$2,639Built-In1,070640220150600YesYesYesUS Made2021Yoder SmokersYoder YS640s
Yoder Smokers YS1500s$4,995Horizontal1,5001,008220150500YesYesYesUS Made2021Yoder SmokersYoder Smokers
Yoder YS640s Competition Cart$3,394Horizontal1,070640220150600YesYesYesUS Made2021Yoder SmokersYoder YS640s Competition
Yoder YS480s Competition Cart$2,589Horizontal800480220150600YesYesYesUS Made2021Yoder SmokersPros & Cons – Yoder
Yoder YS640s$2,399Horizontal1,070640220150600YesYesYesUS Made2021Yoder SmokersYoder
Yoder YS480s$2,139Horizontal800480220150600YesYesYesUS Made2021Yoder SmokersPros & Cons – Yoder
USSC Grills USG890SS$1,043Horizontal8900224180500NoYesNoNo2021USSC GrillsUSSC Grills
Prime Pellet Grills KC King 600$845Horizontal600440220180400NoNoNoNo2021Prime Pellet GrillsPrime Pellet Grills KC King
USSC Grills USG890$996Horizontal 890612218180500NoYesNoNo2021USSC GrillsUSSC Grills
Buffalo Outdoor$390Tabletop25625614180500YesNoNoNo2021Buffalo OutdoorBuffalo
Oklahoma Joe’s Rider 600 (Gen 1)$449Horizontal617617120180500NoNoNoNo2021Oklahoma JoesOklahoma Joe’s Rider 600 (Gen 1)
Oklahoma Joe’s Rider Combo (Gen 1)$699Pellet/Gas Combo9970220180500YesNoNoNo2021Oklahoma JoesOklahoma Joe’s Rider Combo (Gen 1)
Cuisinart Bristol$391Horizontal505381230180500NoNoNoNo2021CuisinartCuisinart
Lifesmart 510$630Horizontal5100215180500NoYesNoNo2021LifesmartLifesmart
Lifesmart 2000$1,415Horizontal2,0000330180500NoYesNoNo2021LifesmartLifesmart
Dyna-Glo 706$387Horizontal7060220150500YesYesNoNo2021Dyna-GloDyna-Glo
Dyna-Glo 460$334Horizontal460332216150500YesYesNoNo2021Dyna-GloPros & Cons – Dyna-Glo 460 Pellet
KingChii Pro Series 02$265Portable456
300211180420NoNoNoNo2021KingChiiPros & Cons – KingChii Portable Pellet
Z Grills 450A$409Horizontal459331215180450NoYesNoNo2021Z GrillsZ Grills
Z Grills L6002E$419Horizontal57233228180450YesYesNoNo2021Z Grills Z Grills
Z Grills 5502H$419Horizontal553406210180450NoYesNoNo2021Z GrillsZ Grills
Z Grills 450B$499Horizontal459331215180450NoYesNoNo2021Z GrillsZ Grills
Z Grills L600D$479Horizontal57233228180450YesYesNoNo2021Z GrillsZ Grills
Z Grills 1000D3E$669Horizontal1,056428320180450NoYesNoNo2021Z GrillsZ Grills
Grilla Grills Silverbac Alpha Connect Built-In$849Built-In692507220180500NoYesYesNo2021Grilla GrillsGrilla Grills Silverbac Alpha Connect
Grilla Grills Chimp Tailgater$599Portable460340215180500NoYesYesNo2021Grilla GrillsGrilla Grills Chimp
Grilla Grills Silverbac All-Terrain Alpha Connect$1,099Horizontal692507220180500NoYesYesNo2021Grilla GrillsGrilla Grills Silverbac All-Terrain Alpha
Grilla Grills Silverbac Alpha Connect$899Horizontal692507220180500NoYesYesNo2021Grilla GrillsGrilla Grills Silverbac Alpha
Louisiana Grills SL Series 1000$1,175Horizontal1,0140218180500YesYesNoNo2021Louisiana GrillsLouisiana Grills SL Series
Louisiana Grills SL Series 700$974Horizontal6960218180500YesYesNoNo2021Louisiana GrillsLouisiana Grills SL Series
Louisiana Grills Black Label 300$499Tabletop333333110180500YesYesNoNo2021Louisiana GrillsLouisiana Grills Black Label
Louisiana Grills 4-Series$1,049Vertical1,0770460180500YesYesNo2021Louisiana GrillsLouisiana Grills
Louisiana Grills Black Label Series 1200$1,199Horizontal1,180758218180500YesYesYesNo2021Louisiana GrillsLouisiana Grills Black Label Series
Louisiana Grills Black Label Series 1000$1,099Horizontal1,028661218180500YesYesYesNo2021Louisiana GrillsLouisiana Grills Black Label Series
Louisiana Grills Black Label Series 800$999Horizontal809520218180500YesYesYesNo2021Louisiana GrillsLouisiana Grills Black Label Series
Louisiana Grills Founders Legacy 800$1,899Horizontal8460229180500YesYesYesNo2021Louisiana GrillsLouisiana Grills Founders Legacy
Louisiana Grills Founders Legacy 1200$2,199Horizontal1,2050229180500YesYesYesNo2021Louisiana GrillsLouisiana Grills Founders Legacy
Louisiana Grills Founders Series Premier 800$1,399Horizontal8460229180500YesYesYesNo2021Louisiana GrillsLouisiana Grills Founders Series Premier
Louisiana Grills Founders Series Premier 1200$1,599Horizontal1,2050229180500YesYesYesNo2021Louisiana GrillsLouisiana Grills Founders Series Premier
Recteq RT-B380 Bullseye$499Horizontal/Stainless Steel380380115200750NoYesNoNo2021RecteqPros & Cons – recteq RT B380
Victory 35-Inch$699Horizontal936691329180500YesNoNoNo2021VictoryVictory
Recteq RT-2500$2,599Horizontal/Stainless Steel2,500982353180650NoYesYesNo2021Recteqrecteq
GMG Ledge SS Prime Plus$929Horizontal458458118150550NoYesYesNo2021GMGGMG Ledge SS Prime
GMG Ledge Prime Plus$899Horizontal458458118150550NoYesYesNo2021GMGGMG Ledge Prime
Coyote 28-Inch C1P28$2,999Built-In/Stainless Steel609450212175650YesYesNoNo2021CoyoteCoyote 28-Inch
Coyote 28-Inch C1P28-FS$3,499Horizontal/Stainless Steel609450212175650YesYesNoNo2021CoyoteCoyote 28-Inch
Coyote 36-Inch C1P36-FS$4,399Horizontal/Stainless Steel808594215175700YesYesNoNo2021CoyoteCoyote 36-Inch
Coyote 36-Inch C1P36$3,499Built-In/Stainless Steel808594215175700YesYesNoNo2021CoyoteCoyote 36-Inch
Broil King Crown 500$1,099Horizontal750550218180600NoYesYesUS Assembled2021Broil KingBroil King Crown
Broil King Regal 500$1,799Horizontal865625222180600NoYesYesUS Assembled2021Broil KingBroil King Regal
Broil King Regal 400$1,299Horizontal630500222180600NoYesYesUS Assembled2021Broil KingBroil King Regal
Broil King Crown 400$899Horizontal570440218180600NoYesYesUS Assembled2021Broil KingBroil King Crown
Weber SmokeFire EX6 (Gen 2)$1,299Horizontal1,008648222180600YesYesYesUS Assembled2021WeberPros & Cons – Weber SmokeFire EX6 Gen
Weber SmokeFire EX4 (Gen 2)$999Horizontal672432222180600YesYesYesUS Assembled2021WeberPros & Cons – Weber SmokeFire EX4 (Gen 2)
Camp Chef Woodwind CL 36 SideKick$1,449Pellet/Gas Combo1,236663322160500YesYesYesNo2021Camp ChefCamp Chef Woodwind 36
Camp Chef Woodwind CL 36$1,199Horizontal1,236663222160500YesYesYesNo2021Camp ChefCamp Chef Woodwind
Camp Chef Woodwind CL 24 SideKick$1,149Pellet/Gas Combo811429322160500YesYesYesNo2021Camp ChefCamp Chef Woodwind 24
Camp Chef Woodwind CL 24$899Horizontal811429222160500YesYesYesNo2021Camp ChefCamp Chef Woodwind
Camp Chef Pursuit 20$499Portable501253210160500YesYesNoNo2021Camp ChefPros & Cons – Camp Chef Pursuit
Camp Chef XT 24$549Horizontal570429218160500NoYesNoNo2021Camp ChefCamp Chef
Camp Chef DLX WiFi$599Horizontal570429218160500NoYesYes
No2021Camp ChefCamp Chef
Camp Chef SG 24$749Horizontal811429222160500YesYesYesNo2021Camp ChefCamp Chef SG
Pit Boss Pro Series 1100$799Pellet/Gas Combo1,260630220180500YesYesYesNo2021Pit BossPit Boss Pro Series
Pit Boss Platinum KC Combo$797Pellet/Gas Combo1,001630226180500YesYesYesNo2021Pit BossPit Boss Platinum KC
Pit Boss Pro Series 4-Series (Gen 2)$499Vertical1,0770465150420YesYesNo2021Pit BossPit Boss Pro Series 4-Series (Gen 2)
Pit Boss Platinum Brunswick$597Vertical1,1640498150420YesYesNo2021Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Platinum
Pit Boss Platinum Lockhart$847Horizontal2,136546640180500YesYesYesNo2021Pit BossPit Boss Platinum
Pit Boss Platinum Laredo 1000$547Horizontal1,006528326180500YesYesYesNo2021Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss Platinum Laredo
Pit Boss Pro Series Portable 150 (Gen 2)$299Tabletop25619125180500YesNoNoNo2021Pit BossPit Boss Pero Series Portable 150 (Gen 2)
Pit Boss Pro Series 1150 (Gen 2)$699Horizontal 1,155711232180500YesYesYesNo2021Pit BossSKU: 10576Pit Boss Pro Series 1150 (Gen 2)
Pit Boss Pro Series 850 (Gen 2)$599Horizontal 850593220180500YesYesYesNo2021Pit BossPit Boss Pro Series 850 (Gen 2)
Pit Boss Pro Series 1600 (Gen 2)$999Horizontal1,598711332180500YesYesYesNo2021Pit BossSKU: 10737Pit Boss Pro Series 1600 (Gen 2)
Pit Boss Pro Series 1600 Elite (Gen 2)$1,299Horizontal1,597711332180500YesYesYesNo2021Pit BossSKU: 10908Pit Boss Pro Series 1600 Elite (Gen 2)
GrillFest 655$421Horizontal655465220180450NoNoNoNo2020GrillFestGrillFest
GrillFest 445$374Horizontal445312216180450NoNoNoNo2020GrillFestGrillFest
Sophia & William Pellet Grill$369Horizontal712446218180450NoNoNoNo2020Sophia & WilliamSophia & William Pellet
GMG Davy Crockett$399Portable21921919150550NoYesYesNo2020GMGGMG Davy
Z Grills 700D$599Horizontal697504220180450NoNoNoNo2020Z GrillsZ Grills
Z Grills 7002B2E/7002E$489Horizontal697504220180450NoNoNoNo2020Z GrillsZ Grills 7002B2E/
Z Grills 7002B$509Horizontal697504220180450NoNoNoNo2020Z GrillsZ Grills
Z Grills 550A$429Horizontal585424216180450NoNoNoNo2020Z GrillsZ Grills
Z Grills 10002B2E$599Horizontal1,056428320180450NoNoNoNo2020Z GrillsZ Grills
Grilla Grills Alpha Connect$929Horizontal488346220180500NoYesYesNo2020Grilla GrillsGrilla Grills Alpha
Twin Eagles 36-Inch Rotisserie$11,378Horizontal/Stainless Steel00213140725YesYesYesUS Made2020Twin EaglesTwin Eagles 36-Inch
Twin Eagles 36-Inch$10,668Horizontal/Stainless Steel00213140725YesYesYesUS Made2020Twin EaglesTwin Eagles
Twin Eagles 36-Inch Built-In$8,559Built-In/Stainless Steel00213140725YesYesYesUS Made2020Twin EaglesTwin Eagles 36-Inch
Twin Eagles 36-Inch Built-In Rotisserie$9,269Built-In/Stainless Steel00213140725YesYesYesUS Made2020Twin EaglesTwin Eagles 36-Inch Built-In
Memphis Grills Beale Street Built-In$1,599Built-In/Stainless Steel817558212180500YesYesYesNo2020Memphis GrillsMemphis Grills Beale Street
Memphis Grills Beale Street$1,799Horizontal/Stainless Steel817558212180550YesYesYesNo2020Memphis GrillsMemphis Grills Beale
Pit Boss Navigator PB1230G$1,249Pellet/Gas Combo1,084630216180500YesNoNoNo2020Pit BossPit Boss Navigator
Pit Boss Sportsman 1230$999Pellet/Gas Combo1,124630221180500YesNoNoNo2020Pit BossPit Boss Sportsman
Pit Boss Sportsman 7-Series$799Vertical1,8150660150420NoNoNo2020Pit BossPit Boss Sportsman
Pit Boss Sportsman 5-Series$659Vertical1,5130560150420NoYesNo2020Pit BossPit Boss Sportsman
Pit Boss 820FB1$599Horizontal849592221180500YesNoNoNo2020Pit BossPit Boss
Pit Boss 700FB1$499Horizontal743518221180500YesNoNoNo2020Pit BossPit Boss
Pit Boss 440FB1$399Horizontal48237225180500YesNoNoNo2020Pit BossPit Boss
Pit Boss Navigator 1150$999Horizontal1,158711232180500YesNoNoNo2020Pit BossPit Boss Navigator
Pit Boss Navigator 850$999Horizontal 879593227180500YesNoNoNo2020Pit BossPit Boss Navigator
Pit Boss Navigator 550$749Horizontal542400216180500YesNoNoNo2020Pit BossPit Boss Navigator
Traeger Tailgater$480Portable300 30018 180450NoNoNoNo2019TraegerTFB30KLFPros & Cons – Traeger
Traeger Ranger$449Tabletop176176 18 180450NoNoNoNo2019TraegerTFT18KLDPros & Cons – Traeger
Traeger Ironwood 650 (Gen 1)$1,099Horizontal649 418 220 180500NoYesYesNo2019TraegerTFB65BLFPros & Cons – Traeger Ironwood
Traeger Ironwood 885 (Gen 1)$1,299Horizontal885 570 220 180500NoYesYesNo2019TraegerTFB89BLFPros & Cons – Traeger Ironwood
Traeger Pro 575 (Gen 2)$799Horizontal572 418 218 180500NoYesYesNo2019TraegerTFB57GLECPros & Cons – Traeger Pro
Traeger Pro 780 (Gen 2)$999Horizontal780 570 218 180500NoYesYesNo2019TraegerTFB78GLEPros & Cons – Traeger Pro
Cookshack 32-Inch$4,725Horizontal/Stainless Steel784504225160600YesNoNoUS Made2018CookshackCookshack
Cookshack 30-Inch$3,570Horizontal/Stainless Steel784504222160600YesNoNoUS Made2018CookshackCookshack
Cookshack FEC100$5,880Vertical/Stainless Steel1,5640420130400NoNoUS Made2018CookshackCookshack
Pit Boss Charleston$600Pellet/Gas Combo1,260630223180500YesNoNoNo2018Pit BossPit Boss
Pit Boss 5-Series Copper$497Vertical1,6590540150420NoNoNo2018Pit BossPit Boss 5-Series
Pit Boss Copperhead 7-Series$799Vertical1,8150660150420NoNoNo2018Pit BossPit Boss Copperhead
Pit Boss Copperhead 5-Series$659Vertical1,5130560150420NoNoNo2018Pit BossPit Boss Copperhead
Pit Boss Copperhead 3-Series$549Vertical7870440150420NoNoNo2018Pit BossPit Boss Copperhead
Country Smokers Traveler$249Tabletop25625613.5180500YesNoNoNo2018Country SmokersCountry Smokers
Pit Boss PP150PPG$227Tabletop25619127180500YesNoNoNo2018Pit BossPit Boss
Pit Boss Austin XL$447Horizontal1,000720231180500YesNoNoNo2018Pit BossPit Boss Austin
Pit Boss Tailgater$297Portable34034015180500YesNoNoNo2018Pit BossPros & Cons – Pit Boss
Pit Boss Lexington$297Horizontal543373215180500YesNoNoNo2018Pit BossPit Boss
Pit Boss Portable Copper$297Portable387257219180500YesNoNoNo2018Pit BossPit Boss Portable
Pit Boss 1000T4$499Horizontal1,013710230180500YesNoNoNo2018Pit BossPit Boss
Pit Boss 700T1$399Horizontal746517215180500YesNoNoNo2018Pit BossPit Boss
Pit Boss Mahogany 260$649Portable387257219180500YesNoNoNo2018Pit BossPit Boss Mahogany
Pit Boss Mahogany 150PPS$299Tabletop25619125180500YesNoNoNo2018Pit BossPit Boss Mahogany
Traeger Timberline 850 (Gen 1)$1,699Horizontal869 363 324 180500NoYesYesNo2017TraegerTFB85WLEPros & Cons – Traeger Timberline
Traeger Timberline 1300 (Gen 1)$1,899Horizontal1,343 561 324 180500NoYesYesNo2017TraegerTFB01WLEPros & Cons – Traeger Timberline
Pit Boss 700 Classic$397Horizontal700507221180500YesNoNoNo2016Pit BossPit Boss 700
Pit Boss 700R2$549Horizontal700507221180500YesNoNoNo2016Pit BossPit Boss
Pit Boss Mahogany 1000SC2$799Horizontal998698231180500YesNoNoNo2016Pit BossPit Boss Mahogany
Pit Boss Mahogany 1000$699Horizontal1,021711221180500YesNoNoNo2016Pit BossPit Boss Mahogany
Pit Boss Mahogany 820D3$649Horizontal849593221180500YesNoNoNo2016Pit BossPit Boss Mahogany
Pit Boss Mahogany 440 Deluxe$349Horizontal51837325180500YesNoNoNo2016Pit BossPit Boss Mahogany 440
Pit Boss 700FB$399Horizontal700507221180500YesNoNoNo2016Pit BossPit Boss
Traeger Pro 34 (Gen 1)$699Horizontal884 646 218 180450NoNoNoNo2016TraegerTFB57PZBPros & Cons – Traeger Pro
Traeger Pro 22 (Gen 1)$499Horizontal572 418 218 180450NoNoNoNo2016TraegerTFB57PZBPros & Cons – Traeger Pro

Pellet Grill/Smoker Comparisons (VS)

Updated April 2024

Type in the name, type, category or budget of the pellet grill/smoker you’re interested in to find all of its comparisons.

Best Pellet Grill/Smoker Under $1,500 – April 2024Click Here
Best Pellet Grill/Smoker Under $1,000 – April 2024Click Here
Pit Boss Platinum 1250 vs Pit Boss Competition Series 12505 – 5 Click Here
Traeger Timberline vs Recteq RT-2500 BFG1 – 6Click Here
Pit Boss Competition Series 1250 vs Pit Boss Pro Series 1150 Gen 35 – 4Click Here
Weber Searwood 600 vs Traeger Pro 7805 – 1Click Here
Traeger Pro 780 vs Recteq Deck Boss 5902 – 5Click Here
Pit Boss Charleston Onyx Edition vs Pit Boss Competition Series 1230CS13 – 6Click Here
Traeger Ironwood XL vs Pitts & Spitts Maverick 8504 – 4 Click Here
Pit Boss Competition Series 850 vs Camp Chef DLX WiFi6 – 2Click Here
Traeger Pro 34 vs Z Grill 1000 2B2E4 – 6Click Here
Pit Boss Competition Series 850 vs Z Grill Smoke Beast 10502B6 – 2 Click Here
Pit Boss Titan vs Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 245 – 4Click Here
Recteq E-Series Built In 1300 vs Coyote Built In 28″5 – 2Click Here
Traeger Pro 22 vs Camp Chef XT 243 – 5Click Here
Pit Boss Savannah vs Pit Boss Competition Series 8504 – 4Click Here
Traeger Pro 780 vs Z Grill Multitasker 7052B WiFi2 – 5Click Here
Pit Boss Austin XL Onyx Edition vs Pit Boss Platinum Laredo 10006 – 3Click Here
Traeger Ironwood vs Camp Chef Apex 241 – 6Click Here
Pit Boss Austin XL Onyx Edition vs Pit Boss Sportsman 5006 – 3Click Here
Traeger Ironwood vs Recteq DualFire 12002 – 6Click Here
Pit Boss Classic 700 Onyx Edition vs Pit Boss 700FB6 – 3Click Here
Traeger Tailgater vs Recteq Road Warrior 340P2 – 5Click Here
Pit Boss Savannah Onyx Edition vs Pit Boss Pro Series 850 Gen 26 – 4Click Here
Traeger Ironwood 885 vs Blackstone 22 XL Griddle Pellet Grill Combo3 – 5Click Here
Pit Boss Competition 850 vs Pit Boss Platinum Laredo5 – 5Click Here
Traeger Tailgater vs Pit Boss Tailgater2 – 4Click Here
Pit Boss Austin XL Onyx Edition vs Competition Series 8505 – 3Click Here
Traeger Pro 22 vs Z Grill 450B5 – 3Click Here
Traeger Ironwood 885 vs recteq Flagship 11002 – 6Click Here
Recteq E Series Built In 1300 vs Traeger Timberline XL6 – 2Click Here
Recteq Flagship XL 1400 vs Traeger Timberline 8506 – 2Click Here
Traeger Ironwood 885 vs Pit Boss Titan2 – 6Click Here
Pit Boss Competition Series 850 vs Pro Series 850 Gen 26 – 4Click Here
Traeger Pro 780 vs Pit Boss Pro Series 1600 Gen 33 – 6Click Here
Pit Boss Austin XL vs Pit Boss Mile Hybrid Pellet Gas Combo4 – 3Click Here
Traeger Pro 34 vs recteq Patio Legend 4103 – 4Click Here
Pit Boss Titan vs Weber Searwood XL 6005 – 3Click Here
Traeger Pro 780 vs Weber Searwood 6001 – 5Click Here
Pit Boss Austin XL vs Members Mark 36″ Pellet Smoker4 – 3Click Here
Traeger Pro 575 vs Grilla Grills Silverbac2 – 5Click Here
Pit Boss Titan vs recteq Flagship 11005 – 4Click Here
Traeger Pro 34 vs Pit Boss Competition Series 8503 – 5Click Here
Pit Boss Platinum 1250 vs Charleston Onyx Edition5 – 5Click Here
Traeger Ironwood 885 vs Weber Searwood XL 6002 – 6Click Here
Traeger Pro 575 vs Weber Searwood 6001 – 6Click Here
Pit Boss Titan vs Blackstone Pellet Grill & Gas Griddle5 – 3Click Here
Traeger Pro 22 vs Member’s Mark 36″ Pellet Smoker1 – 6Click Here
Pit Boss Titan vs Pro Series Elite 16005 – 4Click Here
Traeger Pro 575 vs Pit Boss Competition 16002 – 6Click Here
Traeger Pro 22 vs Rec Teq Bullseye3 – 4Click Here
Traeger Pro 575 vs Camp Chef SG 242 – 6Click Here
Traeger Pro 22 vs Pit Boss Austin XL Onyx Edition2 – 5Click Here

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PelHeat BBQ Pellets Database

Updated April 2024
PelletsTypical Bag Price ($)$ per lbBag Size (lbs)Blend or Single SpeciesFlavorBrandAvailabilityAvailabilityAvailabilityAvailability
Expert Grill Bold Blend$100.3330BlendHickory, PecanExpert
Expert Grill Five Star Blend$100.3330BlendOak, HickoryExpert
Expert Grill Sweet Blend$100.3330BlendApple, CherryExpert
Pit Boss Classic Blend$150.3840BlendPecan, Hickory, MesquitePit
Pit Boss Competition Blend$150.3840BlendHickory, Maple, ApplePit
Pit Boss Fall Blend$150.3840BlendApple, HickoryPit
Pit Boss Freedom Blend$150.3840BlendHickory, CharcoalPit
Pit Boss Fruit Blend$150.3840BlendCherry, Apple, MaplePit
Pit Boss Harvest Blend$150.3840BlendApple, PecanPit
Pit Boss Peach Blend$150.3840BlendOak, PeachPit
Pit Boss Pitmaster Blend$150.3840BlendCherry, Oak, Hickory, MaplePit
Pit Boss Spring Blend$150.3840BlendOak, Apple, CherryPit
Pit Boss Trophy Blend$150.3840BlendWhite Oak, Red Oak, HickoryPit
Pit Boss Oak Pellets$150.4240Single SpeciesOakPit
B&B Championship Blend$170.4240BlendOak, Cherry, PecanB&
Bear Mountain Apple Pellets$170.4340BlendAppleBear
Bear Mountain Hickory Pellets$170.4340BlendHickoryBear
Bear Mountain Oak Pellets$170.4340Single SpeciesOakBear
Bear Mountain Mesquite Pellets$180.4340BlendMesquiteBear
Pit Boss Hickory Pellets$180.4540BlendHickoryPit
Pit Boss Pecan Pellets$200.5040BlendPecanPit
Pit Boss Maple Pellets$200.5040BlendMaplePit
Pit Boss Mesquite Pellets$20
Pit Boss Apple Blend$200.5040BlendApplePit
Pit Boss Cherry Pellets$200.5040BlendCherryPit
Bear Mountain Pecan Pellets$200.5040BlendPecanBear
Pit Boss Whiskey Barrel Blend Pellets$200.540BlendWhiskey BarrelPit
B&B Oak Pellets$100.5020Single SpeciesOakB&
B&B Hickory Pellets$100.5020Single SpeciesHickoryB&
B&B Cherry Pellets$100.5020Single SpeciesCherryB&
B&B Mesquite Pellets$100.5020Single SpeciesMesquiteB&
B&B Apple Pellets$100.520Single SpeciesAppleB&
B&B Pecan Pellets$100.5020Single SpeciesPecanB&
Bear Mountain Bold Pellets$260.6540BlendOak, Mesquite, HickoryBear
Bear Mountain Gourmet Pellets$260.6540BlendOak, Hickory, Maple, CherryBear
Bear Mountain Savory BBQ Pellets$260.6540BlendOak, Hickory, MapleBear
Bear Mountain Sweet BBQ Pellets$260.6540BlendOak, Maple, CherryBear
Camp Chef Cherry Pellets$130.6520BlendCherryCamp
Camp Chef Apple Pellets$130.6520BlendAppleCamp
Camp Chef Hickory Pellets$130.6520BlendHickoryCamp
GMG Apple Blend Pellets$
Bear Mountain Bourbon BBQ Pellets$140.7020BlendWhiskey BarrelBear
GMG Fruitwood Blend$200.7128BlendCherry, Beach,
GMG Gold Blend$200.7128BlendOak, Hickory,
GMG Texas Blend$200.7128BlendOak, Hickory,
Louisiana Grills Cherry Pellets$290.7240BlendCherryLouisiana
Louisiana Grills Charcoal Blend$290.7340BlendOak, CharcoalLouisiana
Louisiana Grills Mesquite Pellets$290.7340BlendMesquiteLouisiana
Louisiana Grills Whiskey Barrel Pellets$300.7540BlendWhiskey BarrelLouisiana
Louisiana Grills Competition Blend$300.7540BlendMaple, Hickory, CherryLouisiana
Louisiana Grills Apple Blend$300.7540BlendAppleLouisiana
Jim Beam Pellets$150.7520BlendWhiskey BarrelJim
Camp Chef Oak Pellets$170.8520Single SpeciesOakCamp
Camp Chef Mesquite Pellets$170.8520BlendMesquiteCamp
Cuisinart Applewood Whiskey Pellets$170.8520BlendWhiskey
Cuisinart California Cherry Rum Pellets$170.8520BlendRum
Cuisinart California Red Wine Hickory Pellets$170.8520BlendRed Wine
Cuisinart Maple Bourbon Pellets$170.8520BlendMaple,
recteq Ultimate Blend$350.8840BlendWhite Oak, Red Oak,
Broil King Hickory Pellets$180.9020Single SpeciesHickoryBroil
Broil King Grillers Select$180.9020BlendOak, Maple, CherryBroil
Broil King Smoke Masters Blend$180.9020BlendMaple, Hickory, CherryBroil
Fire & Flavor Cherry Pellets$180.9020BlendCherryFire &
Fire & Flavor Hickory Pellets$180.9020BlendHickoryFire &
Fire & Flavor Signature Blend$180.9020BlendCherry, Mesquite, OakFire &
Fire & Flavor Mesquite Pellets$180.9020BlendMesquiteFire &
Fire & Flavor Apple Pellets$180.9020BlendAppleFire &
Bear Mountain Cherry Pellets$180.9220BlendCherryBear
Weber SmokeFire Mesquite Pellets$
Broil King Apple Blend Pellets$190.9520BlendAppleBroil
Weber SmokeFire Apple Pellets$
CookinPellets Longhorn Blend$380.9540BlendMesquite, Hard Maple,
CookinPellets Perfect Mix$380.9540BlendHickory, Cherry, Hard Maple,
Oklahoma Joe’s Hickory Pellets$190.9520BlendHickoryOklahoma Joe’
Oklahoma Joe’s Apple Blend Pellets$190.9520BlendAppleOklahoma Joe’
Broil King Mesquite Pellets$190.9520BlendMesquiteBroil
Weber SmokeFire Hickory Pellets$
Camp Chef Charwood Cherry Pellets$190.9520BlendCherry, CharcoalCamp
Camp Chef Charwood Hickory Pellets$190.9520BlendHickory, CharcoalCamp
Weber SmokeFire Cherry Pellets$
Weber SmokeFire Grillmaster Blend$190.9520BlendMaple, Hickory,
Z Grills Oak Pellets$190.9520Single SpeciesOakZ
Royal Oak 100% Charcoal Pellets$190.9520Single SpeciesCharcoalRoyal
Z Grills Hickory Pellets$190.9520BlendHickoryZ
CookinPellets Black Cherry Pellets$380.9740Single
Pit Boss Charcoal Blend Pellets$201
20BlendOak, CharcoalPit
BBQGuys Oak Pellets$20120Single
BBQGuys Apple Blend$
BBQGuys Signature Competition Blend$20120BlendHickory, Oak, Cherry,
BBQGuys Cherry Pellets$
BBQGuys Hickory Pellets$
BBQGuys Mesquite Pellets$
Grilla Grills Apple Pellets$20120Single SpeciesAppleGrilla
Grilla Grills Pecan Pellets$20120Single SpeciesPecanGrilla
Grilla Grills Hickory Pellets$20120Single SpeciesHickoryGrilla
Grilla Grills Competition Blend$20120BlendHickory, Oak, CherryGrilla
Grilla Grills Mesquite Pellets$20120Single SpeciesMesquiteGrilla
Grilla Grills Cherry Pellets$20120Single SpeciesCherryGrilla
Traeger Apple Pellets$
Traeger Pecan Pellets$
Traeger Mesquite Pellets$
Traeger Cherry Pellets$
Traeger Bold Blend$20120BlendHickory, Cherry,
Traeger Brisket Blend$20120BlendOak, Pecan, Black
Traeger Meat Chruch Blend$20120BlendOak,
Traeger Signature Blend$20120BlendHickory, Maple,
Traeger Turkey Blend$20120BlendMaple, Hickory,
Traeger Hickory Pellets$
Kingsford Hickory Pellets$20120Single
Kingsford Basil Sage Thyme$
Kingsford Cumin Chili Blend$
Kingsford Garlic Onion Paprika Blend$
Kingsford Grillmasters Choice$20120BlendHickory, Cherry,
Kingsford Memphis Blend$20120BlendHickory, Garlic, Paprika,
Kingsford Southwest Blend$20120BlendMesquite, Cherry,
Oklahoma Joe’s Competition Blend$20120BlendCherry, Hickory, MapleOklahoma Joe’
Z Grills Apple Pellets$20120BlendAppleZ
Kingsford Cherry Pellets$
Crown Royal Whiskey Pellets$20120BlendMaple, WhiskeyCrown
Kingsford Maple Pellets$
CookinPellets Hickory Pellets$411.0340Single
CookinPellets Applemash Pellets$
Memphis Oak Pellets$211.0520Single SpeciesOakMemphis
Memphis Grills Pecan Pellets$211.0520BlendPecanMemphis
Memphis Grills Cherry Pellets$211.0520BlendCherryMemphis
Memphis Grills Apple Pellets$211.0520BlendAppleMemphis
Memphis Grills Mesquite Pellets$211.0520BlendMesquiteMemphis
Z Grills Cherry Pellets$211.0520BlendCherryZ
Knotty Wood 100% Pure Almond$221.1020Single SpeciesAlmondKnotty
Knotty Wood 100% Pure Plum$221.1020Single SpeciesPlumKnotty
recteq Apple Pellets$
recteq Mesquite Pellets$
recteq Cherry Pellets$
Lumber Jack Apple Blend Pellets$461.1540BlendAppleLumber
Lumber Jack Mesquite Pellets$241.1820BlendMesquiteLumber
Kingsford Bourbon BBQ Pellets$201.1817BlendWhiskey
Bear Mountain Maple Pellets$241.2020BlendMapleBear
Lumber Jack Oak Pellets$251.2520Single SpeciesOakLumber
BBQr’s Delight Hickory Pellets$251.2520BlendHickoryBBQr’s
BBQr’s Delight Mesquite Pellets$251.2520BlendMesquiteBBQr’s
Lumber Jack Pecan Pellets$251.2520BlendPecanLumber
BBQr’s Delight Apple Pellets$251.2520BlendAppleBBQr’s
BBQr’s Delight Cherry Pellets$251.2520BlendCherryBBQr’s
BBQr’s Delight Pecan Pellets$251.2520BlendPecanBBQr’s
BBQr’s Delight Oak Pellets$261.2820
Single SpeciesOakBBQr’s
BBQr’s Delight Contest Mix$261.3020BlendPecan, CherryBBQr’s
BBQr’s Delight Master Your Beef$261.3020BlendHickory, Black Pecan, WalnutBBQr’s
BBQr’s Delight Sugar Maple Pellets$271.3520BlendMapleBBQr’s
Myron Mixon Cherry Pellets$271.3520BlendCherryMyron
Traeger Whistle Pig Whiskey Barrel Pellets$251.3918BlendWhiskey
Myron Mixon Hickory Pellets$291.4020BlendHickoryMyron
Z Grills Competition Blend$301.5020BlendMaple, Hickory, CherryZ
Z Grills Fruitwood Blend$301.5020BlendApple, CherryZ
ASMOKE Apple Pellets$301.520Single
Lumber Jack Cherry Pellets$311.5520Single SpeciesCherryLumber
Knotty Wood Cabernet Wine Pellets$331.6520BlendRed Wine BarrelKnotty
Giantex Applewood Pellets$351.7520Single
Mr. Bar-B-Q Mesquite Pellets$351.7520BlendMesquiteMr.
Wine Country Wine Infused Oak Pellets$351.7520BlendRed Wine BarrelWine Country
Mr. Bar-B-Q Hickory Pellets$391.9520BlendHickoryMr.
Mr. Bar-B-Q Select Blend$40220BlendHickory, Oak, AppleMr.
BBQr’s Delight Red Wine Barrel Pellets$40220BlendRed Wine BarrelBBQr’s
Jack Daniel’s Pellets$40220BlendWhiskey BarrelJack Daniel’

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