So The Weber Searwood Pellet Grill Is A Griddle Now!?

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Weber has released new details about the griddle for their latest Searwood pellet grills. Sales of griddles have increased considerably in recent years. Therefore, Weber is obviously aware of this trend and they wanted to make their latest pellet grills/smokers griddle-friendly. They have done this in two ways, as I’ll discuss below.

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When I first read the specifications for the Weber Searwood pellet grills/smokers in early 2024, the first feature that drew my attention was the ‘Heat Intensity Settings.’ For all other pellet grills/smokers to date, you just had a temperature you set.

However, while the Searwood models are pellet smokers, it was clear that Weber wanted to emphasize their grilling capabilities, as that’s an area where several pellet grill/smokers do struggle with (Traeger, cough, cough).

Anyway, those ‘Heat Intensity Settings’ of one to ten are to make it so that users have a quick means to set a general temperature depending on what they are cooking. But this feature is mainly applicable when it comes to grilling, or in this case, for those who want their grill to also be their griddle.

So how much is the griddle accessory? Well, I browsed the Weber website and it turns out the griddle for the Searwood pellet grills is the same griddle that is already available for other Weber gas grills, namely the Spirit models, and it retails for just under $200.

The type of foods (small/thin pieces) you’ll cook on a griddle, are obviously very different from that you would cook over grill grates
Both the Searwood 600 and the XL 600 have been designed to accommodate the griddle with the grate/grates removed
On the larger Searwood XL (pictured) its not necessary to remove all of the grates which does give the larger Weber pellet grill a dual utility/functionality
With manual mode selected you don’t set a temperature range as that’s not relevant with the lid open. Instead, you set a heat intensity from one to ten
For foods such as pancakes or eggs, a lower heat intensity setting of three or four is most suitable
With thinner foods such as roasting vegetable strips etc, bumping up to between five and seven is recommended
Finally, on the higher heat intensity setting the pellet burn pot will be putting out as much heat as possible and it will be able to get the griddle upwards of 600 degrees

I, like many others, were very critical of the design flaws with the first generation of Weber pellet grills and smokers (SmokeFire models). However, with this new generation of pellet grills/smokers, Weber has started from scratch, and these products are all the better for it.

Making the Searwood models very capable pellet grills with a maximum temperature setting of 600 degrees and now a pretty decent griddle to go along with it I think is a smart move.

Through the link below you can use our database to review the full specifications/features of the Weber pellet grills against any other model to see what you think for their respective price points. Have fun 🙂

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