Louisiana Grills Error Codes & Fixes: For All Models

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You’re all ready to use your Louisiana Grills pellet grill/smoker. The meat is ready, you’ve got the pellets, and you’ve got the time. You’re all set to go, you turn on your Louisiana Grill and see some sort of code, and the unit will not start up! Unfortunately, due to how pellet grills work and the number of components involved, error codes are something you have to deal with from time to time. So with this article, we are going to look at the various error codes you may come across and how to fix the issue to get grilling/smoking again.

Louisianan Grills Error Codes
We’ll look at error codes applicable to the first-gen (top two) and the latest-gen (bottom two) control panels

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Introduction To Louisiana Grills Error Codes

Louisiana Grills is part of Danson LLC, which also has brands such as Pit Boss.

Therefore, you will notice some similarities between Pit Boss error codes and the Louisiana Grills error codes below, as both brands have been using similar control panel technologies.

Just like with Pit Boss, earlier Lousiana Grills models, such as LG900, didn’t have features such as WiFi connectivity.

However, more current models, such as the Black Label Series, feature PID/WiFi control panels compatible with the SmokeIT App.

What does this mean with regard to error codes? Well, there are certain error codes which will appear across all Louisiana Grills models, such as Er1.

However, other error codes will only appear on specific types of control panels, which I’ll note below.

Er1: RTD Probe Connection Fault

No matter what model of Louisiana Grill you own, if you come across the Er1 (Er-1) error code, it means there is an issue with the connection between the internal temperature probe (also known as an RTD probe) and the control panel.

However, I should note on earlier generations of Louisiana Grills, such as the LG900, the Er1 error code can also mean the grill may have overheated.

Please refer to my comments below on the ErH error code, where I discuss this particular issue. But let’s get back to the main issue that the Er1 error code relates to, an issue with the RTD probe.

Before you start ordering a replacement RTD probe, you want to check its not simply a bad connection issue. Therefore, you’ll need the wiring diagram from your manual.

Louisiana Grills Wiring Diagram
A typical Louisiana Grills wiring diagram, in this case, for the LG900. For the RTD probe, you’re looking for the brown wires (top left)

Once you have found the brown wires that connect the RTD probe to the control board, you may also find a Molex connector (clear plastic plugs) between the wires.

Check that the connection between the Molex connectors is secure. If not, this could have been the cause of your Er1 (Er-1) error code.

In some cases, such as on the LG900, you will find spade connectors instead of plastic Molex connectors.

However, if you have checked the connector and you are still getting the Er1 error code, well, then it means, unfortunately, you are going to need to replace the grill probe within your Louisiana Grill.

Follow the advice of this video on how to replace the grill/RTD probe

The above video covers the RTD probe replacement process on the LG900, which has been one of the best-selling Louisiana Grills products for many years.

However, the general process is similar for all Louisiana Grills products.

When it comes to sourcing a new RTD probe, they are relatively easy to source from sites such as Amazon etc. Don’t make the mistake of ordering the wrong one though.

For instance, Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills products are not fitted with the same design of RTD probe.

Louisiana Grills RTD Probe Replacement
The RTD probe for the LG900 is relatively short compared to other RTD probes and looks like a small hook

Er2: Fire Not Established

If your Louisiana Grill is displaying the Er2 error code, it means the control panel after startup was not able to exceed a temperature of 150 degrees after 20 minutes. In otherworld, a fire was not established.

What could be the cause of this error code? Well, the first thing to discount is the most obvious problem, are there actually pellets in the hopper? If so, let’s progress to more complex potential issues.

You’re going to want to remove all of the cooking grates, grease tray and heat deflector so you can see the burn pot.

First off, give the burn pot a good clean and make sure the hot rod igniter is not covered in ash. If that was the case, then try starting the grill up.

Watch to see if pellets are falling into the burn pot, this will discount an auger issue (jam/blockage).

If you do see pellets dropping into the burn pot, watch to see if the hot rod igniter is actually getting, you know, hot. Is it able to ignite the fire?

Blocked/Jameed Auger or Failed Auger Motor

Ok, so if you have the Er2 error code and you are not seeing pellets dropping into the burn pot (with pellets in the hopper).

Then you need to find out if its an auger blockage/jam or has the auger motor actually failed and needs to be replaced.

Auger jams can be created by a rogue stone/nail getting into the hopper. However, the reality is the more likely scenario is rain got into the hopper and expanded the pellets.

Wet pellets can expand up to six times the volume of dry pellets, jamming the auger up well and proper.

Follow the advice of this video on how to remove/replace the auger motor

However, auger blockages/jams are actually going to be less common on Louisiana Grills products, such as the LG900, as seen in the video above, compared to their Pit Boss siblings.

Why? Well, the auger on the LG900 is much shorter. Therefore, the motor has less work for force through wet/expanded pellets.

That doesn’t mean that an auger jam on a Louisiana Grill is impossible though, not by any means. Also, sometimes parts just fail.

You may find no auger blockage, but the auger motor still refuses to turn. In that scenario, following the video above, an auger motor replacement will be needed.

Louisiana Grill's Auger Motor Replacement
This is the auger motor/gearbox fitted to legacy models such as the Louisiana Grills LG900

Failed Hot Rod Igniter

Ok, so you know you have pellets in the hopper, the auger motor is working fine and feeding the burn pot with pellets, but the fire still won’t start leading to the Er2 error code.

Well, this means you have got a problem with the igniter, and it will need to be replaced.

Follow the advice of this video on how to remove/replace the hot rod igniter

If you own an LG900, which you likely do as its one of the most sold Louisiana Grills to date, the burn pot/hot rod igniter is located close to the control panel/hopper on the left side of the grill.

This makes swapping out the igniter relatively simple, as seen in the video above.

Louisiana Grills Igniter Replacement
You should be able to get a new igniter for less than $15

On some Louisiana Grills, you can have a scenario where the temperature will start flashing on the display.

This is an indication that the internal temperature is below 150 degrees and an alert to check that the hopper contains fuel or an indication there is an issue with the auger, as discussed above.

ErH: Overheating Issue

If you come across the ErH error code on your Louisiana Grill, it means that the internal temperature has exceeded the grills/smoker’s safe operating parameters.

In other words, either a grease fire took place, or you have a faulty RTD probe that is not working properly.

Now, for many years Louisiana Grills have been fitting flame broilers to their pellet grills. A great feature to have to get the best searing results on steaks etc.

However, flame broilers do come with an increased risk of a grease fire.

A video from way back in 2012 showing flame broiling functionality

A typical scenario where a grease fire can occur is, let’s say you have been smoking lots of fatty meats, brisket, for instance, and you haven’t cleaned the grease tray.

Then let’s say the next time you come to use the grill, its to flame broil some steaks. This is where a grease fire will typically occur.

How frequently you need to clean your grease tray really depends on what you’re cooking (fatty or lean meats).

What I would encourage you to consider is if you do like to flame broil on your Louisiana Grill, clean the grease tray more frequently if you ever experience a grease fire, safety first.

noP or noPr: Meat Probe Issue

If you are seeing the noP or noPr error code on the display of your Louisiana Grill, it means that either there is a bad connection with the meat probe or it has failed and needs to be replaced.

First off, make sure that the meat probe is fully inserted into the port on the control panel. If the probe jack is only partly inserted, this can trigger the noP error code.

However, if the connection is sound and you are still getting the noP error code, you will, unfortunately, need to replace the meat probe.

Meat probes work in the same way as the RTD probes discussed above, and the probe contains a thin wire. If the meat probe is handled too roughly, the wire inside can snap and stop functioning.

Louisiana Grills Meat Probe
Replacement meat probes can be purchased individually or in pairs

Additional Louisiana Grills Error Codes

The error codes above are universal across the generations of Louisiana Grills products.

However, if you own a more recent/modern Louisiana Grill with a PID control board and SmokeIT functionality, you may come across some of the error codes below.

Er-5 or Blinking Fan Icon

This error code indicates there is an issue with the combustion fan, which feeds the fire with air. It could potentially be a damaged motor or damaged fan blades.

However, it could also simply just be a bad connection that needs to be corrected.

The process of fan replacement on the Founders Series

Er-6 or Blinking Ignitor Icon

Unlike the Er2 error code above (fire not established), which could potentially be an issue with the auger or the hot rod ignitor, the Er-6 error code or blinking ignitor icon narrows down the issue specifically to the hot rod.

The video below goes through the ignitor replacement process on Founders Series products. If you don’t have a spare ignitor to hand and you need to get cooking, check out my article on manual ignition.

The process of igniter replacement on the Founders Series

Er-7 or Blinking Auger Icon

This issue code is, you guessed it, specifically to do with the auger motor in your Louisiana Grill.

Now, the issue may be caused by a blocked auger, so that is worth investigating before sourcing a replacement auger motor assembly.

This video below goes through the process of replacing the auger motor on the latest generation of Founders Series products.

It can be a fiddly job, but its important to take your time and treat the spade connections on the wires with care.

The process of auger motor replacement on the Founders Series

My Final Thoughts On Louisiana Grills Error Codes…

When you get an error code on your Louisiana Grill, or any pellet grill/smoker for that matter, the most important thing is to approach the process of fixing your grill systematically and logically.

In some cases, such as auger issues, it may just be an auger jam that once cleared, the auger motor itself still functions correctly.

When it comes to RTD probes and meat probes, its important to be careful with them, as they are fragile and can break, leading to error codes.

That’s it! I hope the above has helped you to identify the meaning of a particular error code on your Louisiana Grill to get it going again.

If you would like to read more of my articles, please check out my Wood Pellet Grill/Smoker Guide. 🙂

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