Pit Boss Control Panel Replacement (For All Models)

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As all pellet grills/smokers are electric and are fitted with a variety of electrical components (augers, fans, hot rod igniters etc) the most important component of them all is the control panel. The control panel (sometimes referred to as the control board) has the most important job, to coordinate how all the other electrical components work together. Therefore, if the control panel fails, the functionality of the pellet grill/smoker is completely paralysed. So let’s discuss control panel replacements on Pit Boss BBQs.

Pit Boss Control Panel Replacements
There is a huge range of control panels fitted to Pit Boss pellet grills/smokers, you need to make sure you order the right one for your particular pellet grill/smoker

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Important: If your Pit Boss won’t turn on check out my linked article to track down the cause of the problem.

Introduction To Pit Boss Control Panel Replacements

As well as understanding how to replace the control panel on your particular Pit Boss model (details below) you first need to understand if it actually needs to be replaced at all.

For instance, just because you see an error code on your Pit Boss, don’t presume that its the control itself where the problem lies. If you check out my linked article on error codes, it could be another issue.

For instance, maybe its an auger jam, maybe the RTD temperature probe has failed. Alternatively, the hot rod igniter could have failed or maybe even the combustion fan. If the control panel lights up, its likely the issue is not with the control panel itself.

However, if you have no error code and the control panel doesn’t light up, then you first need to check your source of power and if the fuse on the control panel has blown.

These are the first steps to check to determine if you need a new control board for your Pit Boss

If your Pit Boss is still under warranty after following the steps in the video above, ring customer service at Pit Boss, and they should send you out a new control board free of charge. However, if your Pit Boss is out of warranty, then please check out the link below to order a new panel.

So let’s say you’ve got a new replacement panel how do you actually swap it out? Well, obviously, start with disconnecting your Pit Boss from the power, and then you’re going to need some tools.

Pit Boss control panel replacement on older pellet grills/smokers

The video above is a good general guide to replacing the control panel on a Pit Boss pellet grill/smoker. However, its conducted on a previous generation product with the small vertical control panels.

As shown by the image at the top of this article, Pit Boss now fits a huge range of different control panels. Therefore the replacement process differs slightly from model to model.

Pit Boss Model Specific Control Board Replacement Videos

Pit Boss produces horizontal pellet grills/smokers, dedicated vertical pellet smokers as well as pellet/gas combo BBQs. In fact, Pit Boss currently has the widest range of products on the market.

Below I’ve put together a collection of videos for each specific Pit Boss model so you can see the exact process of replacing the control panel.

Pit Boss Copper Series Control Panel Removal/Replacement

Pit Boss Copper Series Control Panel Removal/Replacement

The Copper series from Pit Boss includes the Tailgater, Classic, Lexington Charleston and the ever popular Austin XL seen on the left. The control board replacement process starts with taking off the lower access panel under the hopper, after disconnecting the power cord of course (safety first). You shouldn’t need to remove the hopper to access the wires leading to the control panel. Carefully pull apart all the Molex connectors and then squeeze the clips on the back of the panel to remove it from the hopper.

Pit Boss Copper Series Control Panel Replacement Process

Pit Boss Navigator Series RTD Probe Removal/Replacement

Pit Boss Navigator Series Control Panel Removal/Replacement

There are currently four models within the Navigator Series, the 550, 850, 1150 and 1250. As shown in the video below, the control board replacement process is very similar to that of the Copper Series above. Take care when cutting the cable ties around the wires from the auger, fan, RTD probe and hot rod leading to the control panel. Once loose, simply disconnect the Molex connectors and pop the panel out the front of the hopper.

Pit Boss Navigator Series Control Panel Replacement Process

Pit Boss Sportsman Series Control Panel Removal/Replacement

Pit Boss Sportsman Series Control Panel Removal/Replacement

The Sportsman Series includes the 500, 820, 1000, 1100 and 1230 and essentially is very similar to the Navigator Series above. The differences are really just cosmetic. As such, the process of swapping the control board is essentially the same. Once the new control board has been installed following the video instructions below please remember to use a cable tie on the wired. Otherwise, they could get caught up in the fan blades.

Pit Boss Sportsmans Series Control Panel Replacement Process

Pit Boss Pro Series Control Panel Removal/Replacement

Pit Boss Pro Series Control Panel Removal/Replacement

If you purchased your Pit Boss from Lowes you potentially own a Pro Series model. You may own either a horizontal model as shown on the left or a vertical pellet smoker, both are fitted with a similar control panel. After taking off the access panel under the hopper release the Molex connectors for each set of wires. There are a couple of clips on the back of the panel you will then need to squeeze to release the control board from the hopper. After fitting the new panel, you simply reverse the process for assembly.

Pit Boss Pro Series Control Panel Replacement Process

Pit Boss Platinum Control Panel Removal/Replacement

Pit Boss Platinum Series Control Panel Removal/Replacement

The Pit Boss Platinum Series, is an exclusive line of products only sold through Walmart. It includes models such as the Laredo (left), Lockhart, KC Combo and the vertical smoker Brunswick. The process of removing and replacing the control panel is pretty much the same over all of the Platinum models. Unlike other Pit Boss models, the control panel is mounted on the lid of the hopper. There is also a waterproof gasket around the control panel you have to pay careful attention to when installing the new panel.

Pit Boss Platinum Control Board Removal Process

Can You Upgrade Your Pit Boss Control Board?

So let’s say you own an older/budget Pit Boss model, and the control panel has failed. Sure, you could just order an exact replacement control board, but you have heard about new panels with PID temperature control and WiFi (SmokeIT) technology.

Is it possible to upgrade your older Pit Boss panel with a control panel featuring these more modern technologies? The answer is no on the PID temperature control (currently) and maybe on the WiFi (SmokeIT).

Pit Boss SmokeIT Control Panel Upgrades
There is a SmokeIT control panel upgrade, but as of this moment, its are not compatible with all Pit Boss models

I’ve previously written about Pit Boss SmokeIT control panel upgrades, this can add WiFi/App functionality to some but not all Pit Boss models. For instance, its not currently a possible upgrade for previous generation Pit Boss vertical pellet smokers.

Will Pit Boss be offering more control panel upgrade options in the future? Maybe, I was hoping that the SmokeIT panel upgrades would contain PID technology, but that isn’t the case currently.

My Final Thoughts On Pit Boss Control Panel Replacements…

Before you order a new control board or you get Pit Boss customer support to send you one, carefully follow the video in the introduction above to determine if the panel is actually faulty at all. Likewise, if you have an error code, look into what it actually means.

Generally, when it comes to control board replacements, you will need to stick to like for like. In a few cases, you may be able to upgrade to SmokeIT functionality. If you do a lot of low and slow on your Pit Boss I really do think you should consider it if you need a new panel anyway.

That’s it! I hope you found the above videos etc useful to fix your Pit Boss and get smoking/grilling again. If you would to research more of your options next time you want to swap your BBQ, check out my Wood Pellet Grill/Smoker Guide. 🙂

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